Current Websites Revision Status (Updated Monthly)

01 apr 18 / greg goebel / follow "gvgoebel" on twitter

* This document gives the current status of document revisions on the Vectors and AirVectors websites.

Please be aware that even minor changes require a complete proofreading and inspection of a document, and assignment of a new revcode. OK, I will change minor but really embarrassing typos without going through all that rigamarole, but only when it's absolutely urgent. Making minor changes in a document without performing proper quality assurance will eventually wreck it, a phenomenon software engineers call "bit rot". On the other hand, if proper quality assurance is performed, over time the quality of the document improves. In addition, when a document is updated, it is usually inspected to see if any improvements or additions are possible.

A three-digit revcode is used for documents. A major overhaul gets a revcode with the high digit incremented, for example "v4.0.0"; a substantial set of changes gets a revcode with the middle digit incremented, for example "v4.1.0"; a minor change gets a revcode with the low digit incremented, for example "v4.1.1".

The list below gives current documents with their last revision dates, organized by month backwards from the present. Each set of monthly entries is divided into a list for the Vectors website (top) and the AirVectors website (bottom).

The plan is to have a two-year revision cycle on this site. Documents on the bottom of the list have highest priority for review, while those at the top of the list have the lowest. However, a document's priority may be raised above its normal level if the defects are severe or important new information has emerged. Of course, the severity of a bug is something of a subjective judgement. In any case, current document revisions include: