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* This page provides an index to back issues of MrG's weblogs, with short listings of articles in each monthly log.

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[*] 2017 INDEX
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[*] 2018 INDEX

* MAR 2018

   US Constitution (series)
   understanding AI (series)
   robocars & moral quandaries
   Switzerland's Crypto Valley
   chemical synthesis grand plan
   USGOV versus Microsoft on data warrants
   rebuilding US nuclear arsenal
   blockchain and energy markets
   trying to suppress robocalls
   Amazon getting into healthcare
   - Xi Jinping, China's president for life
   - Putin the loser
   - SCOTUS addresses gerrymandering
   - LPRF tactical ballistic missile program
   - lidar for airliners to spot turbulence
   - guided 30-millimeter round
   - Falcon Heavy trial flight
   - Skype does encryption
   - optical neural networks
   - Amazon Alexa laughs at nothing
   - why poison frogs don't poison themselves
   - GM to produce nitrogen-fixing bacteria
   - surfboard fin sensor
   - ALIEN ZOO VR experience
   - fun with my XBOX 360
   - replacing my toilet
   - RFN for February 2018

* FEB 2018

   US Constitution (series)
   understanding AI (series)
   once & future Earth (series)
   low-cost lidars
   AI in astronomy
   US infrastructure problems exaggerated
   NASA Earth science decadal survey
   Chinese citizens worry about online security
   low-orbit comsat networks
   robocars not imminent
   - Russia bogged down in Syria
   - Russian meddling in Western democracies
   - US-China relations getting confrontational
   - Xi Jinping as president for life
   - Amazon Go smart store
   - vehicle-to-vehicle communications & motorbikes
   - WindTree wind-turbine array
   - cockatoos master the key box
   - city trees tend to grow faster than rural trees
   - GM bananas against fungal disease
   - Hawaii missile alert
   - personal fun with BOINC ETC
   - RFN for January 2018

* JAN 2018

   once & future Earth (series)
   understanding AI (series)
   China's environmental push
   supersonic transport activity
   improving Africa's crops
   using rabies to treat brain cancer
   human bacteriophage phageome
   animals with no intestinal microbiome
   smarter robocars
   GRB capture by gravity-wave observatories
   using the microbiome for medicinal purposes
   - China unsettles the world
   - corporations go activist
   - Warren Buffett the optimist
   - Patria NEMO 120-mm container mortar
   - hybrid airliner power systems
   - flocks of smart munitions
   - impact of robot automation on jobs
   - Desktopography user interface
   - shopping cart for impaired kids
   - bacteria-laden kitchen sponges
   - why whales got so big
   - global impact of spiders
   - Thai scammer gets 13,275 years
   - year in review, RFN

[*] 2017 INDEX

* DEC 2017

   once & future Earth (series)
   understanding AI (series)
   New Zealand pest extermination effort
   Microsoft Sopris IOT security project
   bat 1K research effort
   Sweden uses data centers for heating
   Latin America loves aerial cablecars
   building to resist climate change disasters
   evidence of ongoing human evolution
   robot shuttle buses
   - public appreciates secret services
   - Brexit absurdities
   - absurdities of "buy local"
   - Lockheed Martin SR-72?
   - MBDA Enforcer small smart missile
   - new US grenade
   - cryptojacker websites to mine bitcoin
   - bitcoin is a power hog
   - Firefox Quantum
   - parrotlets suggest origins of flight
   - how ants build towers
   - how ladybugs pack their wings
   - flat-Earth rocketeer 
   - Jimmy Kimmel asks for Hillary's impeachment, RFN

* NOV 2017

   once & future Earth (series)
   understanding AI (series)
   drones for Africa (series)
   South Africa against AIDS (series)
   immunologists love hookworms
   coal is doomed
   printing artificial bones
   relocating Staten Islanders from rising seas
   child who shrugged off HIV
   giant wind megaturbines / oceanic wind turbines
   synthetic fraud
   Quantum Science Satellite in orbit
   - Zimbabwe coup
   - trade deals in progress (or not)
   - Bonn climate-change conference leaves US odd man out
   - IDAS sub-launched SAM
   - new Airbus airliner black box scheme
   - Sea Venom AKA ANL antiship missile
   - Skysats & Flock-Dove CubeSats
   - skyscraper forests for China
   - eagle-eye microlens system
   - CO2 as turbine working fluid
   - CO2 surge in 2016
   - seafloor methane bubbles
   - planet X beyond Kuiper belt?
   - 2017 zoo photoshoot
   - RFN

* OCT 2017

   once & future Earth (series)
   South Africa versus AIDS (series)
   DNA mass storage (series)
   drone control via cellphone network
   Apple iOS 11 security refinements
   greenhouse farming in Alaska
   fetal immune system
   first aid superkit
   European volcanic winter 822 CE
   apps for food stamps
   US fire season 2017
   - Xi Jinping, world's most powerful man
   - US military involvement in Africa
   - sky-high asset prices
   - US Navy railgun research
   - use tablets instead of IFE on airliners
   - legal pushback on shrinking airliner seats
   - solar power for Puerto Rico?
   - China seeks dominance in EVs
   - mild hybrid cars 
   - IUDs against HIV
   - evolution of dwarf chameleons
   - radar observations of mass insect migrations
   - Musk's rocketliner concept
   - summer trip to Spokane
   - RFN

* SEP 2017

   once & future Earth (series)
   hunting for nukes (series)
   China's authoritarian internet (series)
   commercial science ballooning
   Android Oreo security enhancements
   viruses as part of lichen symbiosis
   climate change & Hurricane Harvey
   disarming a supervolcano for green energy
   cyberwar diplomacy
   GTech FIDO program trains dogs to handle tech
   European healthcare systems
   - Merkel re-elected
   - Kurds vote for independence
   - US tax reform
   - C-130 Hercules updates
   - delivery trucks on trolley wires
   - Zelle payments app
   - pay-for-use pumps for Africa
   - watching plants grow under the microscope
   - ocean floor methane seeps don't necessarily reach the surface
   - phosphate mining threatens Chinese fossil site
   - arranged marriages game
   - total eclipse of 21 August 2017
   - Trump Administration for August

* AUG 2017

   once & future Earth (series)
   China's authoritarian internet (series)
   manufacturing reinvented (series)
   AI models Tube navigation
   question of renewable future
   crocodile farming
   tracing neural paths of face recognition
   refinements in augmented reality
   robots not causing as much economic dislocation as feared
   automated supermarket checkouts
   not so much worry about evil AI
   FAA versus drones
   - Trump Administration not really so down on NAFTA
   - Brexit versus EU court
   - hard Brexit & unilateral trade actions
   - Airbus E-Fan
   - Thales Stratobus airship
   - wireless sensors for aircraft engines
   - Kenya issues bonds via cellphone
   - smarter Captchas
   - Eye Android case for iPhone
   - Europe gets more diligent on enforcing vaccines
   - TOPEX satellite SLR measurements off
   - metagenomics via mosquito traps
   - my new catalpa trees
   - my new Samsung washer & dryer
   - no thanks to internet advertisers
   - Trump at G20, flaming on CNN, ETC

* JUL 2017

   once & future Earth (series)
   a world after oil (series)
   manufacturing reinvented (series)
   unlimited combat armor
   Volvo goes electric
   yeasts, cacao, & coffee
   printers print tattle codes
   dental restorations as a global business
   UberAIR in progress
   India's biometrics quandary
   scrapping nuclear reactors
   - EU revival
   - NATO revival
   - Brexit going nowhere
   - antiship ATACMS
   - G-CLAW smart munition
   - antiship Hellfire
   - robocars watch the driver
   - automotive SmartDeviceLink
   - pinwheel centrifuge
   - 2D magnet
   - crypt keeper wasp parasite
   - Astronomy Rewind digitizes old astronomical imagery
   - BLOOM COUNTY revived
   - NASA pedophile slave colony on Mars?
   - RFN
   - personal misadventures online, turning to Twitter

* JUN 2017

   world after oil (series)
   manufacturing reinvented (series)
   power grid development (series)
   Putin's Russia (series)
   NASA NICER observatory
   aquaculture & biofuels
   pricing gene therapy treatments
   New Horizons probe to another KBO
   nanocar race
   green power in the US West
   - Merkel & Macron join hands on EU
   - rebuilding the euro
   - wars no longer profitable
   - Japan wants Aegis Ashore ABM, cruise missiles
   - Embry-Riddle hybrid turbo single?
   - Chinese PL-XX ultra-long-range AAM
   - tribo-electric wave power
   - Amazon Echo Show
   - solar panels pose challenges for firefighterss
   - red panda has thumb, too
   - red novas
   - universe has two trillion galaxies
   - Disney does STAR WARS, AVATAR
   - RFN

* MAY 2017

   Putin's Russia (series)
   power grid development (series)
   uncanny valley of the mind
   cassava improvements
   US government science budget
   mitochondrial genome puzzle
   GM for ant research
   aircraft made of adaptive voxels, Airbus Pop.up
   why crime is declining
   emulating indestructible insects
   rethinking snakebite antivenoms
   - Hassan Rouhani re-elected in Iran
   - Islamic State leaves behind booby traps
   - TPP going ahead without US
   - Republican civil war
   - no fast road to rebuilding US infrastructure
   - no fast road to fixing Dodd-Frank law
   - Obama's exit popularity compared
   - LANCE self-defense laser pod for tactical aircraft
   - Bodytrak soldier-monitoring earplug
   - Mattel Aristotle baby monitor
   - data security chip for cloud gadgets
   - China moving against VPNs
   - seahorse genome
   - 992 CE solar flares
   - cement absorbs some CO2 when drying
   - Ocean Sole of Kenya makes things with flip-flops
   - RFN
   - cutting down my ash trees with a chainsaw

* APR 2017

   Putin's Russia (series)
   rethinking the FDA (series)
   Ford Police Responder Hybrid cop car
   bumblebees solve puzzles
   rethinking chemical safety
   China's bikeshare mania
   entropy & complexity
   pot is big business
   C02 emissions from solar-cell fabrication
   Chinese LHAASO cosmic-ray observatory
   - Islamic State fighters bugging out
   - Trump Administration relaxing rules for drone strikes
   - relations between US and Mexico improving
   - flying older aircraft with robot pilots
   - Bell V-247 Vigilant tilt-rotor
   - Army M17 9-millimeter automatic pistol
   - new Android O OS
   - GR740 space-certified CPU
   - cryogenic energy storage in the UK
   - giant pouched rats help save pangolins
   - Pan-STARRS super sky map
   - smart soils to reinforce buildings
   - Canadian firm reprimanded for obtaining data from vibrators
   - RFN
   - had to kill off my ash trees

* MAR 2017

   Putin's Russia (series)
   rethinking the FDA (series)
   mapping the brain (series)
   DNA-assembled (pluripotent) molecular assemblies
   M-Pesa history
   progress towards quantum computers
   empty cities of China
   improved tomatoes
   continuing the TPP without the USA
   hunting for black holes
   India relies on biometric ID
   - new Russia protests
   - repercussions of assassination of Kim Jong Un
   - NATO 2% limit is not ironclad
   - no checking fares on mass transit
   - Nokia revives 3310
   - Scrip electronic wallet
   - Lockheed Martin Nemesis missile
   - laser-guided ACERM mortar round
   - Iranian ekranoplane drone
   - drones for checking NYC underground steam system
   - automated toll systems
   - warming up cars
   - kids with HIV who don't get AIDS
   - methane concentration surging
   - tracking distribution of ants by genome
   - RFN

* FEB 2017

   Putin's Russia (series)
   mapping the brain (series)
   unstoppable renewables (series)
   EPA reviews auto emission standards ahead of Trump
   direct pay model for medical care
   protein structures from metagenomic studies
   Republicans versus ObamaCare
   cities versus air pollution
   manufacturing jobs in irreversible decline
   - Republican elder statesmen for carbon tax
   - Patricia Espinosa talks climate progress
   - US versus China on trade
   - high-risk pools for health insurance
   - Republicans being hammered on repealing ObamaCare
   - Mike Flynn booted from White House
   - MV-22 tanker
   - Airbus Vahana and Uber Elevate city flight connectivity programs
   - Iridium & SBIRS
   - Tesla Autopilot not responsible for fatal crash
   - design concepts of Charles Bombardier
   - meteorites pound the Moon regularly
   - cephalopods doing well while fish decline
   - blue leaves get extra efficiency
   - fake US embassy in Ghana
   - DSL problems and fake driver downloader
   - my Humane Society socks
   - Mark Hamill does Trump as the Joker
   - crawling through the mud in BCT
   - black humor sign of intelligence and balance

* JAN 2017

   Putin's Russia (series)
   unstoppable renewables (series)
   last great road trip (series)
   smaller human microbiome & history of microbiome
   rising seas threaten Trump Mar-a-lago resort
   eye of the chiton
   data-security nightmare
   life on brown dwarfs & life feeding on radiation
   HPV vaccine
   solar power for South Pacific islands
   trade protectionism illusion
   - Russian hacking of Sweden
   - Trans-Pacific Partnership Minus One
   - repealing ObamaCare
   - Theresa May opts for hard Brexit
   - Obama commutes Chelsea Manning sentence
   - Next-Generation Air Dominance fighter
   - surveillance payload for MQ-25 Stingray
   - air tanker with laser weapons
   - ISRO ResourceSat 2A
   - TanSat C02 mapper satellite
   - navigating the London Underground via AI
   - yeast-based milk substitute
   - shrimp substitute
   - Dragonfly 44 dark-matter galaxy
   - cryovolcano on Ceres
   - virus with black widow venom genes
   - 2016 in review
   - Christmas misadventures

[*] 2016 INDEX

* DEC 2016

   last great road trip (series)
   unstoppable renewables (series)
   solar-derived fuels (series)
   anticipating bad vaccine reactions
   CYGNSS hurricane-hunter satellites
   sections of the Galaxy hostile to life
   mega-machines to simulate disasters
   downsides of human acquisition of fire
   wind turbines help keep farmers afloat
   decline of paper checks
   African / Guinean folk healers help formal medicine
   - Republican ABW tax plan
   - Trump on Mexico and Islamic terrorism
   - Brexit Leavers are sore winners
   - Boeing Spanwise Adaptive Wing (SAW)
   - SPIDER robot to check envelope of LMH-1 airship
   - Polish Pirania cruise missile
   - Chinese XPNAV satellite for pulsar navigation
   - Snap / Snapchat Specs video glasses
   - Nintendo Switch game console
   - Proterra Catalyst E2 electric bus
   - nova explosions between eruptions
   - humpback whales like to frustrate killer whales
   - wiring long-flying ocean seabirds to track ocean winds
   - day in Denver at the zoo and DIA
   - presidential election shock

* NOV 2016

   last great road trip (series)
   blockchain (series)
   European Union (series)
   war against malaria (series)
   air pollution in China & India
   digital signatures
   sorting through Hillary Clinton's emails
   research into decay of bodies
   printed electronics
   soil's immune system
   NSO Group
   progress towards understanding RNA world
   - Brexit & BoJo
   - Colombian peace treaty
   - Edward Snowden at dead end
   - Fury small smart munition
   - evolved Brimstone missile
   - 68 millimeter laser-guided rocket
   - robotaxis in Singapore
   - GPS coordinate adjustments in Australia
   - What3Words location system
   - agreement on controlling refrigerants
   - bee living on edge of volcano
   - cucumber mosaic virus makes tomatoes attractive to bees
   - 2016 election
   - consolidating my website, clearing references, & downplaying reviews

* OCT 2016

   European Union (series)
   Cold War (series)
   21st-century economics (series)
   war against malaria (series)
   Gaia maps the skies
   eyebrow mites co-evolve with humans
   green freightships
   hardening NYC subways against flooding
   new PC adventures
   genomics of beer yeasts
   Chromebook emergence
   world getting hotter
   - Iraqi offensive on Mosul
   - Wikileaks and election follies
   - Airbus Zephyr long-endurance drones
   - laser weapons for AC-130 gunship
   - Arcturus JUMP 20 drone for Mexican Navy
   - OSIRIS-REx launched
   - Tiangong 2 launched
   - planar metalens
   - Light L16 digital camera
   - Ryobi garage-door opener
   - FDA bans anti-bacterial soaps
   - UN resolves to fight antibiotic resistance
   - French FRIPON meteor-tracking network
   - superhero suits
   - headscarf emoji
   - BOINC revisited
   - LED bulbs for flashlights

* SEP 2016

   Cold War (series)
   21st-century economics (series)
   CRISPR-Cas9 excitement
   MenAfriVac vaccine
   zika virus
   human intelligence evolved for child care
   robot trucks
   Brexit complications
   renewed Panama canal
   symbiotic relationships accelerate evolution
   - learning to live with terrorism
   - UNCLOS tribunal judgement on China applies to all
   - European Commission fines Apple on Ireland taxes
   - Edward Snowden back in the news
   - Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle for US Army
   - Israeli SkyGuard aerostats
   - Zapata flyboard
   - Quantum Science Satellite
   - MIT printable hydraulics
   - smartphone Universal Case System
   - Nintendo Classic Mini game system
   - electric brain stimulation over-hyped
   - new bacterial lab rat
   - bacterial with eye-like construction
   - Oamaru NZ steampunk celebration
   - manure pile fires
   - my BLU smartphone
   - Spokane fire

* AUG 2016

   Cold War (series)
   CRISPR revolution (series)
   digital intelligence against terror (series)
   last universal common ancestor revealed by genomics
   STELR turbojet
   difficulties with foreign aid
   trees give bats hollow spaces to roost
   maternal vaccines
   new brain map
   2015 hottest year ever
   NASA work on nuclear thermal engines
   Allen Institute maps the brain
   - Trump on trade and NATO
   - Japan considering replacement of ASTRO-H / Hitomi satellite
   - Apple iOS 10 for iPhone
   - dual-camera smartphones
   - dual elevator system
   - videophones for prison
   - bee communications
   - urban moths adapting to light pollution
   - butterfly has 15 types of vision cells
   - Taiwan loves Hello Kitty
   - my ebooks have their critics

* JUL 2016

   Cold War (series)
   digital intelligence against terror (series)
   artificial intelligence revolution (series)
   evolution of cheese fungal microbiome
   US Senate passed GMO labeling bill
   3D printing bridges & other structures
   Antarctic ozone hole on the fade
   lifespans of animals
   program to deal with antibiotic resistance
   5G wireless revolution
   worries about methane leaks and climate change
   - China loses judgement in South China Sea tribunal
   - Iran nuclear deal losing ground
   - FBI dismisses charges against Hillary Clinton on emails
   - DARPA LightningStrike hybrid VTOL drone
   - APL underwater quadcopter
   - no great threat to air traffic from public drones
   - Swiss underground delivery system proposal
   - LEDs for growing marijuana
   - Mattel ThingMaker 3D printer
   - Greenpeace criticized for anti-GM stance
   - CO2 balance of plants not as strongly affected by temperature as thought
   - US National Microbiome Initiative
   - more on Brexit
   - my new SanDisk Clip Jam music player
   - finding anomalies in my website file lists

* JUN 2016

   Cold War (series)
   artificial intelligence on the rise (series)
   Tambora catastrophe (series)
   virtual reality revisited
   multilayered security
   tracking greenhouse gas emissions
   international rescue for hire organizations
   ongoing human evolution
   EV trash trucks and other large EVs
   coral reefs against global warming
   GM foods OK, with caveats
   - Iraqi Army retakes Fallujah
   - Britain takes the Brexit
   - clueless JASTA act
   - LMH-1 airship
   - AEGIS anti-missile system in Romania
   - MQ-25 Stingray drone
   - Goodyear Eagle-360 spherical tire
   - smart gas pedal
   - impact of sea-level rise
   - surplus gamma radiation from Galactic center via pulsars
   - Carrington electromagnetic event not as big as previously assumed
   - Trekonomics

* MAY 2016

   Cold War (series)
   Tambora catastrophe (series)
   free trade dilemma (series)
   Apple wars (series)
   micro-ecologies of the home
   corporate boom in artificial intelligence
   Evryscope & survey telescopes
   solar power in the developing world
   smart card buses in Rwanda
   2-degree Celsius global warming limit arbitrary
   China's commitments to limit emissions not drastic
   bacterium with minimal genome
   - Obama versus Brexit
   - NATO versus Russia
   - Merkel versus Putin
   - Chinese Divine Eagle & Soar Dragon drones
   - scene recognition for JPADS guided cargo parachute
   - South Korean Korean Surface-to-Air Anti-Missile (K-SAAM)
   - Renault Twizy electric runabout
   - GM harvest car camera video for robocars
   - robocars versus snow
   - ants do have a bit of memory
   - hawk moths emit ultrasonic warning cries to bats
   - inventory of arthropods in the home
   - rethinking ebook effort

* APR 2016

   Cold War (series)
   Apple versus FBI (series)
   octopus & cat genomes
   deadly air pollution in the developing world
   robots do clothes
   USAF works toward hypersonic missile
   tiered pricing of expensive drugs in India
   climate change and the Earth in 10,000 years
   updating the US nuclear arsenal
   things looking up for electric vehicles
   - defense rapprochement between India and the USA
   - Africans not too worried about Panama Papers scandal
   - Obama's 50% approval rating
   - Chinese VD200 tailsitter drone
   - Dzyne rotorwing tailsitter drone
   - Japanese cops intercept rogue drones
   - ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter launched
   - ASTRO-X failure
   - Boeing microlattice
   - Eatsa robot restaurant
   - Gogoro electric scooter
   - roundworm infection improves fertility rates
   - flexibility of human brain development
   - improved organ-printing technology
   - April 1 climate-change hoax
   - using CCleaner & outsmarted by my microwave

* MAR 2016

   Cold War (series)
   authoritarianism to democracy (series)
   natural food? (series)
   NYC bans styrofoam
   MasterCard goes biometric
   conditional aid to the developing world
   bitcoin cracked
   lithium battery technology
   robocar business prospects
   naval laser
   renewable power grid
   Astro-H / Hitomi orbited
   - Obama in Cuba
   - Putin's military theatrics
   - no guns at GOP convention
   - Russian Nudol ASAT system
   - SM-3 Block 1b SAM
   - Northrop Grumman wins DARPA TERN drone project award
   - Sentinel 3A launched
   - CubeSat propulsion
   - ISRO launch ambitions
   - Chinese robot bus
   - Formula E electric-vehicle race
   - Toyota i-Road
   - cougar returning to the eastern US
   - kill switches for bio-engineered micro-organisms
   - pumpkins, gourds, & squash survived because of human cultivation
   - Big Bertha TBM getting unstuck under Seattle
   - getting my PCs to a common configuration
   - new furnace and water heater
   - mystery MasterCard draft resolved

* FEB 2016

   Cold War (series)
   natural food? (series)
   sensitive viral probe
   China & climate change
   Jell-O recipe
   light-connected processor
   rethinking car sales
   Jason-3 in orbit
   nanosat launch vehicles
   deep decarbonization
   - Apple refuses to crack iPhone
   - malign oil glut
   - Warren Buffett is upbeat about the future
   - latest US defense budget
   - new US ICBM?
   - F90 assault rifle for Australia
   - WFIRST IR space telescope
   - new Intel/Micron crosspoint memory
   - Samsung safety truck
   - brace to improve walking efficiency
   - coffee-borer beetle uses microbiome to neutralize caffeine
   - bees get off on caffeine fix
   - Stromectol against mosquitoes
   - shoveling snow in a T-rex costume
   - UK court says Kit-Kat format not a trademark
   - somebody raided my checking account
   - December lousy sales month for ebooks

* JAN 2016

   Cold War (series)
   natural food? (series)
   future flight (series)
   animal friendship
   quantum entanglement satellite
   airport security as farce
   dark net pharmaceuticals
   DAMPE dark matter probe satellite
   Prakash gives sight to the congenitally blind
   Russian hackers
   - Russia suffering with energy market glut
   - Democrats won't dodge socialism
   - TriFan 600 private VTOL
   - EasyJet using quadcopters for airliner inspection
   - GE ATP Advanced Turboprop
   - NFL players get RFID wired
   - shootout in wireless recharging standards
   - 2nd-generation Moto 360 smartwatch
   - ant smells spoofed by slaver ants
   - ants versus parasitic fungi
   - ants for biological pest control in Asia
   - review of 2015
   - video downloads, Christmas lights jam wi-fi

[*] 2015 INDEX

* DEC 2015

   Cold War (series)
   future flight 2015 (series)
   multi-factor authentication
   farming in Africa
   viruses against cancer
   data anonymity 
   progress against AIDS & staph vaccine
   Cretaceous climate
   Big Oil & climate change
   Obama Clean Power Plan revisited
   - Iraqi Army retakes Ramadi
   - China V Taiwan on re-unification
   - Venezuelan elections embarrass Maduro
   - US hostages in Iran get compensation
   - Perlan 2 stratospheric sailplane
   - DARPA Gremlin air-recovered drones
   - Insitu FLARES drone launch / recovery quadcopter
   - Super Strypi launch failure
   - ESA FLEX chlorophyll fluorescence mapper
   - Adobe Flash on the way out
   - DARPA does vacuum-tube electronic devices
   - Acer Revo Build Mini PC modular desktop
   - 2015 warmest year ever
   - energy from latrines in developing world
   - alarm calls form communications grapevine through the forest
   - Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade
   - household repair challenges

* NOV 2015

   Cold War (series)
   green India (series)
   energy efficiency (series)
   metagenomic analysis of sewage
   global anti-smoking efforts
   RNA folding game
   ecology of a warmer world
   Urban Skyways for drones
   nuclear waste disposal
   Iran's digital startups
   - polls show Islamic State with little support among Muslims
   - China becoming somewhat more diplomatic with neighbors
   - US campus-carry gun laws
   - Lockheed Martin LMH-1 airship
   - Lockheed Martin miniature hit-to-kill missile
   - Lockheed Martin RQ-X U-2 replacement
   - NASA working on space habitat module
   - phantom phone vibrations
   - fuel-cell urinals
   - resources from sludge
   - determining crowd size from cellphone data
   - evolutionary origins of mustards and related spices
   - giant shark of the Carboniferous
   - FlashAir card disappointment
   - saving AAAS SCIENCE downloads to PDF via PDF995

* OCT 2015

   Cold War (series)
   energy efficiency (series)
   air conditioning (series)
   DNA loops (3D structure)
   Siri & other virtual assistants
   government hacking 
   dealing with falling birth rates
   factoring Earth equivalents 
   DOE energy report
   renewable energy in Africa
   bacteriophage metagenomics
   - Iranian challenges in implementing nuclear pact
   - Defense Secretary Ashton Carter & Obama defense thinking
   - House Speaker John Boehner deposed by Freedom Caucus
   - Northrop Grumman wins LRS-B contract
   - JAGM phase 1 in production
   - Facebook Aquila solar-powered drone
   - ISRO Astrosat launch
   - perovskite PV cells revisited
   - digital solar wi-fi palm trees in Dubai
   - companies obtaining unique domain names
   - pandas don't digest bamboo very well (need better microbiome)
   - lab rats demonstrate benevolence
   - Danes investigate porpoise sonar

* SEP 2015

   Cold War (series)
   air conditioning (series)
   interrogation science (series)
   Airbus ADELINE recoverable booster
   online advertising
   questioning patents
   hydropower opportunities in the USA 
   ISS as cosmic ray observatory
   next-generation trucking
   Citibank climate-change report
   Ogallala aquifer drying up
   - more on Iran nuclear deal
   - Saudis sour on nuclear deal
   - squabbling with China over oceanic territory
   - fragmentation bombs replacing cluster bombs
   - reactive metal bombs
   - South Korean Hyunmu 2 tactical ballistic missile
   - eliminating reflections from through-glass photography
   - CrowdMed crowdsourced medical diagnostic website
   - VisualDX website for identifying unusual diseases
   - switching human genes for yeast genes
   - synthesizing opiates and textiles with yeasts
   - more on supermarket coupons

* AUG 2015

   Cold War (series)
   new green revolution (series)
   chicken domestication (series)
   gunfire location systems
   Ebola virus vaccine
   cleaning up tar sand oil extraction
   limitations of consciousness
   measles vaccine provides implicit protection against other diseases
   verification of Iran nuclear deal
   Obama Clean Power Plan
   Estonia prepares for digital assault
   -- Yanks and Briton take down train terrorist
   -- Republicans unlikely to derail Iran nuclear deal
   -- Obama visits Africa
   -- Western courts against Putin
   -- Russian jokers on laundry detergent
   -- DARPA TERN naval drone
   -- ONR Locust drone swarming tactics
   -- printed APU turbine
   -- Pluto flyby
   -- dubious EMDrive
   -- Amazon Echo
   -- navigation apps that work offline
   -- McDonald's McBike packaging
   -- mini ice age flap
   -- GM bacteriophages
   -- color-changing condoms against STDs
   -- constrictor snakes kill by giving victims cardiac overload
   -- bogus news content referral sites
   -- satisfactions with Amazon Kindle publishing
   -- dumping JFK ASSASSINATION document

* JUL 2015

   Cold War (series)
   chicken domestication (series)
   China & the internet (series)
   hype cycle
   5G phones
   Kiribatis rising above climbing seas
   death sentences in the USA
   China in Africa
   more on turbochargers
   studies of robotaxi utility
   progress towards climate change pact
   - agreement on Iran nuclear program
   - less than meets the eye in French outrage over NSA spying
   - Adobe Flash on the skids
   - M City for testing robocars
   - smartphones as desktop replacements
   - DP-14 Hawk tandem-rotor drone
   - armed MV-22 Ospreys, MV-22 for Japan
   - OneWeb internet in the sky
   - MarCO CubeSats with Insight Mars lander
   - laser-based movie projectors
   - Terralux light fixtures with sensors & wireless links
   - issues with biometric ID
   - oldest fossil organisms?
   - chimp bones denser than human bones
   - underground magma chambers beneath Yellowstone
   - New Jersey clamps down on dead drivers
   - my new & improved ebook covers

* JUN 2015

   Cold War (series)
   China & the internet (series)
   OCO maps chlorophyll fluorescence
   LUVOIR super space telescope
   US healthcare fraud
   end of Moore's law
   revolutionary robocars
   USA Freedom Act 
   space solar power
   no-stick coatings
   - SCOTUS on Obamacare revisited
   - SCOTUS on gay marriage
   - sagging confidence in religion
   - Frau Merkel's phone not being tapped
   - Pilatus PC-24 bizjet
   - EXACTO guided 12.7 millimeter round
   - French FELIN soldier combat system
   - PSAPs for the hard of hearing
   - Trakdot luggage tracker
   - LTE direct ad-hoc wireless networking
   - why fungi glow
   - mammoth genome decoded
   - Spokane road trip
   - book sales are seasonal

* MAY 2015

   Cold War (series)
   China & the internet (series)
   chronic disease vaccines (series)
   printing body parts
   Trans-Pacific Partnership deal
   peak copper production
   cancer vaccine progress
   methane as a vehicular fuel
   Chernobyl shelter
   stevia for colas
   the warming Arctic
   - Obama reassures Gulf Cooperation Council on Iran
   - Thomas Piketty raises a fuss about inequality
   - floods in Texas and Oklahoma
   - refinements in U-2 spyplane
   - ground-launched small diameter bomb
   - Chinese Blue Arrow missiles
   - torpor suspension for crewed Mars mission
   - Busbaar rapid electric bus recharger
   - ultraviolet LEDs
   - Android app for robot control
   - bats jam each other's sonar signals
   - is milk so wholesome?
   - single-use syringes
   - fake phone numbers in UK 
   - getting a Funimation download contract

* APR 2015

   Cold War (series)
   chronic disease vaccines (series)
   BRAIN initiative (series)
   post-revolutionary Iran (series)
   factories for Africa
   experiments in cadaver decay  
   plant communications
   dispute over next-generation refrigerants
   online book sales
   cheese microbiome
   global economic deflation
   MMS satellites in orbit
   - Ali Khamenei sounds off about Iran nuclear agreement
   - Ashraf Ghani visits Washington DC
   - Ted Cruz as demagogue
   - electric airplanes for basic flight training
   - FanWing flying container hauler
   - Archangel crop-duster turned close-support aircraft
   - Vulcan booster
   - USB-C / Power USB
   - canal revival in the UK
   - robocars in the UK
   - last winter warmest on record
   - mining human microbiome for antibiotics
   - HIV evolving into milder form
   - Putin disappears for ten days
   - Brik Case for MacBooks

* MAR 2015

   Cold War (series)
   post-revolutionary Iran (series)
   digital modeling of C. elegans
   metagenomic study of NYC subway stations
   problems with Chinese coal usage
   cyber war games
   ATM robberies in the UK
   authorities versus strong encryption
   poor public data in the developing world
   JAGM missile program zigs & zags
   - Islamic State's tide going out
   - Wikimedia sues NSA
   - Russia introduces new ICBMs
   - cosmonaut TOZ-82 / TP-82 survival weapon
   - Taiwanese TUO JIANG missile corvette
   - Stratolaunch Roc booster carrier & Thunderbolt booster
   - female mantises lure males to their doom
   - bird chick impersonates nasty caterpillar
   - concrete croutons to kill mosquito larvae
   - transparent solar cells for windows
   - bitcoin for currency transfers
   - ECONOMIST Big Mac Index
   - Warren Buffett lives on Coca-Cola
   - selling ebooks
   - shoving nickels into the supermarket checkout

* FEB 2015

   Cold War (series)
   post-revolutionary Iran (series)
   genome's defenses against transposons
   Gates Challenge reviewed
   Danish agritech
   Volvo turbocharged engines & FEDEX hybrid vans
   exploring Venus by airship
   US measles epidemic
   tight times in the defense industry
   Delphi and Audi work on robocars
   - contacts between Israel and Sunni Arab states on common enemies
   - Jihadi John tentatively identified
   - Rudi Giuliani goes off the deep end
   - USN decides LCS right tool for the job after all
   - GhostSwimmer shark robot
   - Krossblade SkyCruiser VTOL aircraft
   - SMAP satellite in orbit
   - Congress mandates no Russky engine
   - toy helicopters on Mars
   - Firefly small booster with aerospike engine
   - cockatoos learn tool-making from Figaro
   - blood comes in different colors
   - geophones pick up trains and aircraft from seismic vibrations
   - Saudi Arabia is internet-enabled
   - iPhone camera case with exchangeable lenses
   - hydraulic "hybrid" trash trucks in Loveland
   - public supports labeling that most want food labeled as having DNA
   - BostonYeti
   - getting into crunching out ebooks
   - marijuana business exemption in Colorado

* JAN 2015

   Cold War (series)
   post-revolutionary Iran (series)
   worries about sugar (series)
   developing world economic boom over (series)
   shopping mall healthcare clinics
   record high global temperature in 2014
   construction in London
   dim prospects of global nuclear zero
   TEDAC bomb analysis center
   renewable energy increasingly competitive
   Colorado DOT clears the roads of snow
   anticipatory software & smartphones talk by vibrations
   - Iranian President Rouhani talks referendums
   - US not unhappy with Iranian military involvement in Iraq
   - Obama wants free community college
   - Gulfstream G500 & G600 bizjets
   - timed 40 millimeter grenade
   - new SSC hovercraft landing craft
   - Hayabusa 2 & CBERS 4 launched
   - TESS planet hunter satellite
   - giant Pelagornis bird
   - high concentrations of microplastic in sea ice
   - patterns in city layouts
   - Ingocraft 3D printed construction set
   - Thymio II educational robot
   - paper microscope
   - pump heat energy storage
   - my new Fire TV HDMI stick
   - scrounging a buck with supermarket sales
   - my Facebook account, big fat hairy deal

[*] 2014 INDEX

* DEC 2014

   190 illustrations for 2013 / 60 gvg
   Cold War (series)
   developing world economic boom over (series)
   fecal transplants (series)
   hopes for telemedicine
   analyzing medical records
   big business accepts carbon tax
   money giveaways for development
   Apple Pay
   Mercedes robo-truck
   dark net
   surface tension in biosystems
   Pentagon embraces climate change
   - France assertive on the foreign stage
   - Russians have the economic blues
   - Americans feeling upbeat about the economy
   - KF/X fighter
   - Australian CANBERRA heli-carrier
   - Iranian gatling cannon
   - exhaustive star survey
   - killer whales speak dolphin
   - population size needed for planetary colonization
   - internet of things standards consortiums
   - tobacco-based jet biofuels
   - beer pipeline
   - wild turkey comeback
   - my new microwave
   - US mid-term election results
   - USAF Museum hangar construction video updates

* NOV 2014

   Cold War (series)
   Arizona road trip (series)
   stellar synthesis of heavy elements & mysterious cosmic radio bursts
   NNT & NNH to characterize medical treatments
   ocean sunfish
   Sikorsky S-97 Raider rollout
   questions about electrical brain stimulation
   distributed electrical aircraft propulsion
   DARPA works on tech to fix brain damage
   satellite gravity maps reveal ocean floor
   - APEC environmental pact
   - Putin in the doghouse
   - gay rights revolution
   - Royal Navy on a roll
   - Iranian Khalij Fars antiship ballistic missile
   - bluetooth for airport navigation
   - US life expectancy
   - US vaccination statistics
   - United Airlines tracks micro animal collars
   - solar paving stones
   - dodgy cellphone location evidence
   - military cellphone location gear in use by law enforcement
   - US mid-term elections
   - flash memories now cheap & LED lamps arrived

* OCT 2014

   Cold War (series)
   Arizona road trip (series)
   transparent sea creatures
   NASA commercial crew capsules selected
   commercial hemp & GM bananas
   medications tailored to personal profiles
   streamlining genetic analysis for phylogeny
   most effective means of reducing emissions
   humanity's underground presence
   - Xi Jinping as strong ruler
   - Hong Kong protester smartphones hacked
   - free community colleges?
   - watery ringwoodite deposits deep underground
   - Karakoram glaciers growing
   - Demodex mites
   - Israeli aerostats for surveillance
   - MBDA MMP anti-armor missile
   - imaginative approaches to economy-class airliner seating
   - Comet Siding Spring observed from Mars
   - Ebola vaccine production challenges
   - global population will continue to grow?
   - pygmy genome
   - iPhone 6 encryption & costs
   - healthcare providers data-mining clients   
   - Amazon Prime music downloads

* SEP 2014

   Cold War (series)
   Arizona road trip (series)
   Smithsonian makes 3D models
   stochastic approach to climate modeling
   malware versus smartphones
   IBM TrueNorth neural chip
   concealed transportable weapon systems
   prospect of an end to AIDS pandemic
   helicopter carriers
   French interventions in Africa
   - use of SWIFT sanctions against Russia
   - India and Japan join hands against China
   - tunnels of Gaza
   - LRS-B is mystery jet?
   - Beech King Air funnies
   - domesticated rabbit genome
   - city lighting means birds tweet earlier
   - NASA Nimbus data used for climate studies
   - Nissan NV200 taxis for NYC
   - smart dog vests
   - common use of dual PCs
   - USA beyond peak gun
   - sesame crop in the South
   - monkey does selfie

* AUG 2014

   Cold War (series)
   Arizona road trip (series)
   identifying World War I remains
   rethinking the university
   re-inventing the train
   Ebola described
   triple star system
   Russian military reformed
   climate slowdown not as great as claimed
   dealing with mine pollution
   - US intervenes against ISIS in Iraq
   - Ukraine getting upper hand against rebels
   - Russia shuts down McDonald's
   - Dassault Falcon 8X bizjet
   - Harvest HAWK KC-130J gunship
   - forward-swept wing jetliner concept
   - new Russian Angara booster
   - anomalous supernova due to gravitational lensing
   - carnivorous sponges
   - autism fixed before birth
   - 3D printing of sugar confections
   - multicompiler against hackers
   - getting up to speed on Dropbox
   - David Duchovny gone viral in Russia
   - Amazon Prime video downloads
   - no Loveland floods this summer

* JUL 2014

   Cold War (series)
   Arizona road trip (series)
   US foreign policy (series)
   perovskite PV cells
   disclosure excess
   diffractive space telescopes
   hunt for dark energy
   Federal climate change assessment
   school lectures ineffective
   Alabama not ready for coastal surges
   ant swarm constructions, mosquitoes shrug off raindrop hits
   - Japan-Australia military cooperation
   - younger generation surprisingly conservative
   - Japanese ATD-X stealth fighter demonstrator
   - paratroopers use EMC2 wireless hub, US Navy uses NERDs e-readers
   - Triassic CO2 excess
   - bats use sonar calls with IFF
   - wild rodents like to use running wheels
   - who needs rear-view mirrors?
   - adding noise to electric vehicles for safety
   - Indian drivers like to have loud horns
   - Christianity & Islam co-exist in Sierra Leone
   - survey makes me out as center Left
   - digital music player for my car
   - using a towel as a desktop organizer

* JUN 2014

   Cold War (series)
   US foreign policy (series)
   smart cities
   actual utility of robot cars
   limited prospects for electric vehicles
   Triple-E super container ships
   human brain has been shrinking
   humans may not have killed off Pleistocene great beasts
   gene evolution
   international push towards English
   worries about Russian deliveries of gas
   - ISIS on the rampage in Iraq
   - Poles want stronger US position on Russia
   - Japan works toward more assertive defense posture
   - resurgence of activity in propfans
   - hybrid wing body cargolifter
   - drones down on the farm
   - plants can generate electrical signals
   - using antibodies for super light microscopes
   - loblolly pine genome
   - haptics to generate braille text
   - ExpandOS packing kit
   - Rolls-Royce pushes uncrewed cargo ships
   - more on mystery jet
   - dumping banner ads once and for all

* MAY 2014

   Cold War (series)
   US foreign policy (series)
   invention of 3M Post-it
   ARM processors
   smart pills
   thorium reactors
   motor rickshaws
   urban hunting in the USA
   providing assistance to bees
   taking a balanced view on climate
   - Russian meddling in east Ukraine
   - class-action suits overturned
   - gay rights in Mississippi
   - tracking airliners
   - high-power military lasers
   - Russian snark over space co-operation
   - rising waters threaten NASA facilities
   - China's jehol fossils
   - fossil whales
   - NB 508 sideways icebreaker
   - farmers worried about data collection
   - street lights with cellphone base stations
   - mystery jet over Amarillo
   - wireless keyboard and TV
   - threat of more floods in Loveland

* APR 2014

   Cold War (series)
   US foreign policy (series)
   Ara modular smartphone
   flavors and scents synthesized by yeast
   US East Coast slowly sinking into the Atlantic
   microbiome versus organism development
   UK and genetically modified foods
   danger Florida sinkholes
   ARES modular VTOL cargo drone
   microecologies of oceanic plastic particles
   biosphere under the seafloor
   - Russian aggression driving sanctions & US-Europe cooperation
   - HAV hybrid airship
   - LocataNet local positioning system, one-chip INS, enhanced LORAN
   - JAXA H-3 booster
   - microecology of 3-toed sloth
   - jumping spiders and weaver ants
   - hornworms use nicotine defense against spiders
   - Google works on contact-lens monitor for diabetics
   - Qatar greenhouse / desalinization system
   - FEMA Waffle House index
   - maker of homeopathics gets in trouble for using real medicine
   - medical conspiracies
   - my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 & foot problems

* MAR 2014

   Cold War (series)
   US foreign policy (series)
   genomic analysis of ancient pathogens (series)
   discreet Japanese building demolition
   the role of manufacturing in the 21st century
   expanding role of freeports
   wi-fi for mobile communications
   Missouri earthquakes
   Siri & talking personal assistants
   threat of sepsis
   DARPA XS-1 RLV program
   - Russian annexation of the Crimea
   - Gary Locke leaves China
   - bashing the rich
   - more work on jetliner truss-braced wings
   - Airbus E-Thrust hybrid airliner
   - single pilot airliners
   - ISS for Earth observations
   - USAF GSSAP space surveillance satellites
   - Korean researchers use oyster shells to clean up firing ranges
   - new Mars crater spotted by MRO
   - cyanobacteria produce mysterious nodules
   - SD1 robot sailboat
   - OpenTable for restaurant tab, cellphone app for Lebanon bomb alerts
   - paper bicycle helmet
   - more fun with video downloads
   - Vocaloid
   - copyright nick, had to stop posting wallpapers

* FEB 2014

   Cold War (series)
   genomic analysis of ancient pathogens (series)
   fungal & bacterial communications
   terrible traffic safety in developing world
   ripping off tax rebates
   Monsanto breeds improved vegetables 
   advances in 3D printing in manufacturing
   things looking up in Iran
   more on bikeshare schemes
   the global meat production business
   - Supreme Court considering cases on patent trolling
   - guidelines for hiring ex-cons
   - changes in global organized crime 
   - SPEAR 3 mini cruise missile
   - LG-1000 cargo glider
   - detector systems to prevent airliner taxiing accidents
   - ant cocoons
   - hot pepper plant genome
   - GM to save the chestnut tree
   - Doorbot smart doorbell
   - Urbee three-wheeler
   - end of Windows XP impacts bank ATMs
   - Middle Earth climate model
   - adventures in video downloading
   - TIME magazine liberal-conservative poll

* JAN 2014

   Cold War (series)
   Hanford nuclear site cleanup (series)
   drug legalization measures (series)
   planets of double suns
   historical survey of vaccine effectiveness in the US
   mag tape still going strong
   Obama announces changes at NSA
   insects as a food source
   joint military projects more expensive
   civilian drones
   six-year high schools
   - US not going to intervene in Iraq uprising
   - polls show Americans not so extreme
   - roundabouts popular around the world
   - augmented reality helmets for motorcyclists
   - smart vending machines
   - S-3 Viking may fly again
   - C-17Js to USCG
   - E-volo VC-200 electrocopter
   - NASA NEXT challenge to build smallsat launcher
   - FDA clamping down on antibacterial soaps and cleaners
   - efficient flight schemes of albatrosses
   - panda microbiome
   - online retailing in Nigeria
   - crowdsourcing maps in Kenyan slums
   - Phonebloks modular cellphone
   - my charge card got ripped off
   - converting video and MIDI files to audio
   - William Shakespeare's STAR WARS

[*] 2013 INDEX

* DEC 2013

   230 illustrations for 2013 / 53 gvg
   Cold War (series)
   mass smallsat launches (series)
   Albuquerque road trip (series)
   tracking housecats & cougar comeback 
   a world full of cameras
   viruses co-opted for body defenses
   Chinese DF-21D antiship ballistic missile
   schistosomiasis vaccines
   robotic assistants
   Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in 21st century
   Bluetooth LE for micro-location
   - Federal budget deal
   - NSA PRISM legal challenges
   - zero-rupee notes
   - Iranian Sayyad-2 (SM-1) SAM
   - Dassault Falcon 5X
   - Singapore Air Lines ends A340 direct-to-NYC flights
   - MAVEN Mars orbiter launch
   - ESA commits to space X-ray telescope & gravity wave detector
   - Europe snubs Monsanto, mutation breeding OK
   - Seralini GM paper repudiated
   - ancient horse genome decoded
   - plastic-tube form arch bridges
   - accelerated bridge construction
   - cheap but good tablets on the pad
   - Thanksgiving & Hannukah, Earth in 75,000
   - JFK assassination 50th BFD
   - 100 blog archives

* NOV 2013

   Cold War (series)
   Albuquerque road trip (series)
   Africa in 21st century (series)
   concerns over coastal flooding from climate change
   Power USB
   DARPA does advanced sensors
   oil fracking Red Queen's Race
   NASA running short on plutonium
   tablet computer wars 2013
   New Horizons probe in rehearsal for Pluto flyby
   climate change slowdown, ice age simulation
   - preliminary agreement over Iranian nuclear program
   - Saudis thinking about the Bomb
   - gerrymandered districts not so safe
   - Boeing announces 777X
   - US Army JMR vertical-lift program
   - DARPA TERN naval drone program
   - ArduSats for space hobbyists
   - rough estimate of potential viral threats in other animals
   - Global Yield Gap Atlas
   - fluorescent silks
   - Russian reports of wi-fi malware in household appliances
   - Google / LG Nexus 5 smartphone with Android 4.4 / Kitkat
   - repair shops for smartphones, Apple closed garden policy
   - floating jellyfish chopper
   - MotoArt recycles aircraft assemblies into furnishings
   - baby in a bucket

* OCT 2013

   Africa in 21st century (series)
   India as a military power (series) 
   biofuel controversy (series)
   quiet solar cycle
   US poison gas disposal difficulties
   evolutionary roots of opsin optical proteins
   Japan loses confidence in atomic power
   parasites manipulate their hosts
   outsourced construction techniques
   nanowire solar cells
   global fall in crime rates
   ESA GAIA sky mapper
   - US Army faced with cuts
   - US Supreme Court down on class-action suits
   - Pakistanis not entirely upset with drone strikes
   - Textron Scorpion light attack jet
   - DGEN small turbofans
   - overwing engine placement
   - LADEE Moon orbiter launch
   - SSTL X50 smallsat bus
   - murres trade off flying for swimming
   - camels out of control in Australia
   - giant African snails out of control in Florida
   - Canary wi-fi home security system
   - DOT study of wireless-enabled vehicles
   - Hankook i-Flex tubeless tire
   - Google Glass for industry
   - Red Cross calls for more responsible combat video games
   - Loveland floods
   - no skeptic's column

* SEP 2013

   Africa in 21st century (series)
   biofuel controversy (series)
   3D printers for developing world
   latest IPCC report on climate change
   geothermal heat pumps in NYC
   dispersed power generation for India
   hunting down bogus pharmaceuticals
   liquefied natural gas aircraft
   oceanic fishing preserves
   NASA pursues commercial partnerships for lunar exploration
   - poor relations between US and Russia
   - better relations with Iran due to Hassan Rouhini
   - global increase in divorces a good thing
   - US-Japan military relief efforts good combat training, JMSDF IZUMO
   - liquor brewed from coffee grounds
   - UC Berkeley smart skin
   - automated parking garages
   - Powerbag backpack with battery & USB connections
   - Cubesat communications chokepoint
   - SmartSantander smart city effort
   - smart airline baggage tag
   - iPhone biology field stations
   - Atlas of Vertebrate Decay
   - harlequin ladybugs use bioweapons
   - nano-thermometer scheme
   - flying rods
   - summer Spokane trip, side jaunt to Idaho Falls
   - completing illustrations update

* AUG 2013

   Africa in 21st century (series)
   bogus baghdad bomb detector (series)
   manufacturing robotics (series)
   dual drug therapies don't always work
   economists once thought poverty was OK
   carrion flies for metagenomics & tracking down the TM6 bacteria
   777 crash & flight safety
   history of shopping cart
   FISA secret court & broken security screening
   European Food Safety Agency EFSA
   digital education now coming of age
   - Obama Administration issues terror alert
   - Chinese government softening but still hard on dissidents
   - DNA fog ID system, RFID-tagged cash, labeling produce by laser
   - Ariane 6 booster, ESA IXV spaceplane, green thruster propellants
   - MERS-Cov from camels, ancient tiny primate
   - coelacanth & bladderwort genome
   - USA chemical industry booming due to natural gas rush
   - updating the ATM, sonic touchscreen stylus, tactile vision for the blind
   - car fixes, Civil War history update

* JUL 2013

   waste management (series)
   manufacturing robotics (series)
   climate sensitivity downgraded (series)
   smart grid for Bornholm Denmark
   eye tracking
   NSA security extensions for Android
   Figaro the clever cockatoo does tools
   tracking your kids
   US government does tweets
   hauling oil by train
   crowdsourcing patent validation
   virtual humans for crash testing
   - businesses petition US government for slack on security regulations
   - proposals for tax reform
   - sequester not so bad after all
   - Bounce exploration ball
   - Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast smartphone game
   - my new air conditioner
   - detoxifying coffee grounds with GM bacteria
   - regulation of caffeinated drinks
   - Minerva telescope array for planet hunting
   - Color Craft paint marking technology
   - EasyJet works on volcanic ash detectors for airliners
   - using smartphones to monitor work conditions
   - personal misadventures in DSL debugging and replacing garbage disposal
   - sea lion performance at visit to the zoo

* JUN 2013

   waste management (series)
   climate sensitivity downgraded (series)
   emerging viral threats (series)
   data lockers
   retrenchment in green development
   jeans made with recycled plastic
   Ecologic paper bottles
   Xi Jinping's Chinese dream
   Brazil economic development in Africa
   US space increasingly interested in smallsats & cubesats
   industrial espionage
   location tracking for cowherds
   - Obama Adminstration scandals, PRISM
   - things not looking so bad
   - playing drums to hassle tax cheats in Bangalore
   - Arduino Esplora board
   - fire flashover detector
   - bug-eye camera
   - large asteroid flyby
   - genetic adaptations of dogs to digest starchy foods
   - cockroach evolving to avoid sweet poison baits
   - ultraviolet hospital room sanitizer
   - printed auto battery
   - next-generation Terrafugia flying car
   - smuggling of baby formula in China
   - mixed reviews on Flickr update
   - my trip through Salt Lake City was a bust

* MAY 2013

   waste management (series)
   Iraq after America (series)
   CANYON SIGINT satellite program (series)
   tastier tomatoes
   methane from manure
   fire-fighting robots
   robotics for oil wells
   complications with US food aid
   taxing internet sales
   60 GHz wi-fi
   internet intellectual property feuding
   viral symbionts
   - Obama addresses global war on terror
   - China-India rivalry in Indian Ocean
   - California prison industries
   - fungus makes wildrye produce seeds not pollen
   - naked-eye Moon meteorite impact
   - dolphins name each other
   - OpenBeam maker kit
   - using contraceptives to control rat populations
   - NYC updates its payphone system
   - new Chinese booster family
   - UrtheCast space camera on ISS
   - microbiome studies with twins
   - Chelyabinsk meteor strike analysis
   - even climate skeptics believe preventive measures are prudent
   - DARPA works on foam to deal with internal bleeding
   - DARAP ACTUV robot subchaser
   - Japanese researchers develop quartz-slide long-term digital storage
   - Science As Art photos
   - urban coyotes and bears getting high

* APR 2013

   San Diego road trip (series)
   CANYON SIGINT satellite program (series)
   slow change in North Korea (series)
   cars of the future (series)
   US taxes
   whale feces
   California flood
   consumer electronics in space
   Navy biofuel and renewables programs
   ID forgery
   gliders for space launch
   - Obama as centrist
   - Republicans for gay marriage & immigration reform
   - pocket lidar
   - power from body motions
   - self-powered heart pacemaker
   - tree rings suggest gamma-ray burst in 774:775 CE
   - medicinal maggots
   - scale insects adapting to warmer cities
   - GravityLite LED lamp
   - metamaterials microwave imager
   - airbags to protect pedestrians
   - chopsticks versus trees in China
   - Obama's Jedi mind-meld

* MAR 2013

   San Diego road trip (series)
   cars of the future (series)
   China does space science (series)
   oceans of Titan
   Great White Spot of Saturn
   Coke & Minute Maid orange juice, shipping wines in bulk
   bumblebee navigation skills
   improvements in machine language translation
   cross-laminated timber
   DARPA SEEME tactical reconnaissance satellite
   pandemics & mass gatherings
   cellphone bands nearing saturation
   - Obama in Israel
   - stronger US dollar
   - California repossesses firearms
   - active noise cancellation for car fuel economy
   - digital car transmissions driven by navigation system
   - robbers targeting smartphones
   - NEOSSat launched
   - pathogens found in antiseptics
   - bedbugs done in by deworming agents
   - glacier "mice" support mini-ecosystems
   - forensic use of fluctuations in mains power as a recordings marker
   - Spanish police bust online extortion ring
   - Russians fond of dashcams out of necessity
   - cattle being fed stale sweets
   - Pez dispenser mania
   - Flickr revival?

* FEB 2013

   San Diego road trip (series)
   China does space science (series)
   history of magstrip cards (series)
   tablet PCs for African education
   online ID schemes
   aerial cable cars for urban transport
   USA loves bikesharing
   DARPA working on bulletproof software
   efforts in India by FinalMile to change public attitudes
   use of phone time minutes as currency
   DARPA work on robot helicopter resupply
   new VXX presidential helicopter effort
   exploring other planets using remote virtual viewing
   - US budget dominated by entitlements
   - private security organization Typhon takes on pirates
   - Texas generous with people imprisoned wrongly
   - magnetic shielding for deep-space missions
   - Bigelow BEAM module for International Space Station
   - British government starts program to sequence 100,000 genomes
   - fairy wren uses songs to spot cuckoo nestlings
   - anorexic underground
   - microwave treatment to forestall moldy bread
   - Green Throttle pushes games for smartphones
   - Nvidia Shield Android-based gamebox
   - bus with inductive belly charger
   - White House petition to build Death Star
   - dropping out of online banner advertising
   - crackpots versus fringes on flags

* JAN 2013

   San Diego road trip (series)
   history of magstrip cards (series)
   Bangladesh development (series)
   bioluminescent deep-sea organisms (series)
   space nuclear reactor
   crazy 2012 weather
   doctors not needed so much any more
   Disney electronic ID scheme
   African mTrac cellphone health care network
   longer lives for humanity
   Starbucks does mobile payment
   Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system
   Iranians interested in Bitcoin digital money
   - life remain unpleasant in Iraq
   - Iran enthusiastic about ammunition sales and malware
   - China orders stops on yellow lights
   - metamaterial satellite TV antenna
   - robot lawnmowers
   - Honda VDP concept minicar
   - asteroid capture
   - moa genome analysis and decay of DNA
   - mitochrondrial DNA transplants
   - humans need cooking to keep brain working
   - Astronaut A4 milking machine
   - UPS hydraulic hybrid trucks
   - Motorola HC1 wearable computer
   - internet-enabled TV a nonstarter
   - feral pigs versus traffic in Texas
   - TSA staffers stealing iPads

[*] 2012 INDEX

* DEC 2012

   252 illustrations for 2012 / 17 gvg
   1,250 from 2005 originally, reduced to 1,243 after update (under 1%)
   San Diego road trip (series)
   torpedoes (series)
   bioluminescent deep-sea organisms (series)
   human microbiome (series)
   seafloor mining
   21st-century Mexico
   US oil boom
   bulk energy storage
   America's global drone war
   US military health care
   online voting
   - ObamaCare is on track
   - Robert Gates on Obama
   - no end of world after all
   - linear motors for airliner launch
   - LIM Motors C-1 electrobike
   - self-inflating tires
   - CHEOPS planet hunter
   - Global Precipitation Mission spacecraft
   - rabies survival
   - bacterial cultures against Clostridium difficile
   - oyster genome
   - license plate frame to spoof traffic cameras
   - wireless recharging standards contest
   - virtual sports events
   - petitions for secession
   - Furby rebooted
   - XKCD links to Air Vectors / WallBase

* NOV 2012

   torpedoes (series)
   human microbiome (series)
   responsive space revisited (series)
   manufacturing coming back to USA 
   Seattle cop tweets / digital gear for convicts
   smart irrigation / multicropping
   open-source medtech
   Chinese fossil forest
   EcoATM for cellphone recycling
   printed electronics
   - Obama reelection and agenda
   - FEMA on a roll
   - BUSINESSWEEK slaps global warming denialists
   - businesses in favor of diversity
   - smart highway
   - DeerDeter animal barrier system
   - OptiStruct for organic-like structural elements
   - hermit crabs judicious in modifying shells
   - ancient mites in amber
   - ladybugs sensitive to ant pheromones
   - underground coal gasification
   - low-cost maser
   - GoPro mini-videocam
   - voting & elections
   - Halloween
   - adding width & height to website

* OCT 2012

   torpedoes (series)
   responsive space revisited (series)
   Chinese defense buildup (series)
   dangers of derelict munitions dumps
   ultra-high performance concrete
   hospitals work to improve cleanliness
   collective memory of weaver ant colonies / superb ant sense of smell
   disability as a business opportunity
   revised thinking about origins of Earth's Moon
   new global brand names from developing economies
   quantum-dot display systems
   Getty Images dominates the photo licensing market
   - Iran under pressure from sanctions
   - TSA criticisms
   - Nafis the terrorist wannabee
   - mini-boom in power gas turbine sales
   - Gaze TV eye-tracking television prototype
   - QR codes not working all that well
   - improved Falcon 9 booster in the works
   - TARA Oceans plankton sampling voyage
   - genomic database of bacteria in foods
   - ant catalog with high-resolution imagery
   - LED lighting for space station
   - Ubi voice-oriented computer plugin for homes
   - coco controller gaming case for smartphones
   - Mickey Mouse crater on Mercury
   - doggy bags not global phenomenon

* SEP 2012

   torpedoes (series)
   Chinese defense buildup (series)
   video games (series)
   drones for logistics in Afghanistan
   AIDS in America
   global water supply
   African tech hubs & African banks
   John Deere exports farm tractors
   family planning for the developing world
   high-voltage transformers & power grid battery backup
   OTT smartphone apps
   - monitoring Chinese censorship
   - ease of setting up front companies
   - odds on 2012 presidential election
   - ENCODE fuss over junk DNA
   - Judy Mikovits throws in towel on XMRV-CFS link
   - Kepler space telescope observes stellar superflares
   - DARPA Phoenix program to recycle satellites
   - wiring cockroaches for rescue operations  
   - DARPA program to fit container ships for humanitarian missions
   - Toys'R Us Tabeo kiddie tablet
   - chicken ILTV virus vaccines combine to form lethal strain
   - banana & tomato genomes
   - Spokane trip in summer of drought and fire
   - my new Canon Powershot camera
   - completed Flickr uploads

* AUG 2012

   torpedoes (series)
   video games (series)
   understanding crowds (series)
   proliferation of synthetic drugs
   using bacteria to synthesize scents and flavors 
   community colleges
   medical pricing quandary
   bluetooth-enables shoes for the blind
   enhanced e-books
   Readyset power module for the developing world
   emergence of land plants may have led to ice ages
   Olympics not necessarily good business proposition
   - SwissCare & ObamaCare
   - resurgence of militia extremism in the USA
   - US population growth slows due to recession
   - near-field tags
   - Pebble smartwatch
   - using incentives to reduce traffic congestion
   - NASA INSIGHT Mars lander approved
   - NRO gives NASA spare reconnaissance satellite mirrors
   - tricks of squid camouflage techniques 
   - vampire spiders of Kenya
   - PARANORMAN stop-motion animation leverages off 3D printing
   - Joshua Silver's user-configurable eyeglasses
   - solid-state vacuum nanotubes 
   - crabapples biggest element of domestic apple genome
   - overuse of deworming agents leading to worm resistance
   - ichthyosaurs suffered from the bends
   - cows raised on wine
   - my new Canon SX40 ZS camera
   - using AdBrite to frustrate scammers

* JUL 2012

   torpedoes (series)
   airlines pursue improvements (series)
   understanding crowds (series)
   rebuilding my websites (series)
   software simulation of bacterial cell
   inventing materials by computer
   solar power in India
   "scratch-off" payment scheme for solar power in Africa
   the business of AIDS
   improvements in LED lighting
   insecticide-laden paints
   smart paints
   OTEC power revisited
   DARPA works to rebuild faces
   - economic optimism for the USA
   - Iranians stockpiling oil in tankers
   - document release from Osama bin Laden raid
   - Nokia feature phones
   - DARPA works on automating clothing production
   - drones acquiring smarts to recognize carrier-deck crew hand signals
   - insects breed on oceanic plastic shards
   - Japanese tree rings indicate energetic cosmic event in 774 CE
   - miniature mammoth from Crete
   - indoor dye-based photovoltaic cell
   - solar-diesel hybrid tactical power generator system 
   - robotic Mansueto library
   - nasty 2012 fire season in Colorado

* JUN 2012

   airlines pursue improvements (series)
   rebuilding my websites (series)
   Aerovironment as a defense contractor
   tracing Chinese history via names
   banana distribution business
   pop-up microfabrication
   some businesses enthusiastic about recycling
   wireless-connected LED streetlights
   wireless-connected hand pumps for Africa
   measles versus Europe
   Global Zero revisted
   - ObamaCare passes Supreme Court
   - Flame malware plagues Iran
   - China's embarrassment from Chen Guangcheng
   - UK Biobank
   - rise of resistant malarial strains
   - fungus parasitizing ant parasite fungus
   - Leap Motion gesture recognition module
   - Nike Flyknit lightweight shoe
   - replaced my refrigerator
   - Toxoplasma parasites against Alzheimer's
   - all domesticated cattle descended from single herd
   - primeval Scandinavian forest remnants detected genomically
   - Turks worry about Israeli spy birds
   - TWITZ cartoons
   - adding artwork

* MAY 2012

   airlines pursue improvements (series)
   genomics sleuthing (series)
   slime molds (series)
   animal robots (series)
   store labels on a roll
   ObamaCare already having results
   a little dirt helps the immune system
   North Korea's prison camp system
   hybrid vehicles using flywheels
   dying words and changing usages
   using paper to make biomedical tests
   using cheap phones to support data services
   Africa plagued by e-waste
   World Cleanup Day
   - Obama as war leader
   - fracking for natural gas not catching on overseas
   - China's Weibo toes the line
   - Scoot Networks scooter service for San Francisco
   - tablet computers left on airliners
   - difficulties with automated blind systems
   - North Korea blows another satellite launch
   - liquid boosters for the Space Launch System
   - ESA Solar Orbiter spacecraft
   - human kids superior to apes in sociability tests
   - deeply buried provirus codes in the mammal genome
   - Asian carp making a nuisance of themselves in the US Midwest
   - Facebook pays hackers to find bugs in the system
   - California radar system to handle traffic lights for cyclists
   - structural batteries
   - Ai Weiwei watches himself for state security

* APR 2012

   genomic sleuthing (series)
   animal robots (series)
   natural gas revolution (series)
   bottom of pyramid business overstated
   gorilla and bear genomes
   Europe buying American trees for fuel
   auto radars
   trying to cut down on regulations
   mechanical analog computers
   problems with organic farming
   - difficulties in US-Brazil relations
   - Cameron endorses suspending sanctions on Myanmar
   - Chinese learning to dislike counterfeit products
   - drug implant device
   - bedbug traps
   - Asus modular tablet system
   - hosted government payloads on commercial spacecraft
   - Boeing BSS 702SP all-electric satellite
   - four layer retina gives jumping spiders good depth perception
   - fruit flies seek alcohol to poison parasitic wasp infections
   - hoverfly camouflage degrades in quality with size
   - BioDigital virtual body for dissections
   - Raven surgical robot
   - smartphones for location services inside stores and other facilities
   - digital assets becoming important in estate planning
   - Nevada Alien Cathouse
   - IP Relay scam

* MAR 2012

   genomic sleuthing (series)
   future flight survey (series)
   natural gas revolution (series)
   DNA nanotech (series)
   Project Baseline plant genome archive for evolutionary studies
   electric taxi system for jetliners
   container ship ELEONORA MAERSK
   challenges to the cacao / chocolate industry
   diversity of spiders & fossil daddy-longlegs
   Orion space capsule in development
   progress in algae-based biofuels, seaweed biofuels, and Brazil ethanol
   India Universal ID scheme in progress
   - Cameron visits Obama at the White House
   - Pentagon not too worried about Chinese defense spending
   - Myanmar seeks reform
   - palm-based biometric ID schemes
   - Pentagon's FACE reusable software standard initiative
   - NASA smartphone-based ground avoidance system
   - R2D2 cart for disable kid
   - DARPA SEEME satellite effort
   - fossil feathers in amber
   - giant fossil fleas
   - astronomy in Canadian Far North
   - Philcoxia, a predatory plant that feeds on nematode worms
   - microbial fuel cells for planetary mini-rovers
   - Kuala Lumpur pushes city wi-fi
   - orangutans like iPads 
   - recycling surgical implants from the deceased
   - my name is Harvey, more illustrations for blog

* FEB 2012

   future flight survey (series)
   DNA nanotech (series)
   Iranian sabre-rattling (series)
   human computing in the 21st century
   paper from elephant dung
   climate change as a political nonstarter
   origami engineering
   microfinance limitations & village savings and loan
   the war against cholera
   password limitations & games for login ID
   - Leon Panetta as defense secretary
   - the Birthers refuse to give up
   - anthrax vaccine trials for kids?
   - modified H5N1 bird flu strain that can be transmitted between mammals
   - networked cop car at CES
   - 3D cinema gone flat & MaxiVision48 for movies
   - Matias One Keyboard for PC and smartphone
   - drug-enhanced condom
   - XMRV link to CFS now formally rejected
   - spray-on skin for burn victims
   - brown marmorated stink bug as pest in the USA
   - post-it wars
   - fake charities calling me on the phone
   - backlogged on blog articles again

* JAN 2012

   JFK assassination (series)
   future directions in aviation (series)
   dysfunctional California direct democracy (series)
   recycling refrigerators
   winter cold snaps not incompatible with global warming
   bark and ambrosia beetles versus trees
   fecal transplants
   banning cars from city centers
   lithium mining in Bolivia
   product carbon footprinting
   scanning forests with lidar for carbon surveys
   Achaean impacts
   - Obama revives Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal
   - calculating odds on presidential elections
   - logistics of US withdrawal from Iraq
   - multispectral scanner for examining old manuscripts
   - Tamaggo 360-degree camera
   - library for the world
   - South Korea space program
   - genomic analysis of horizontal gene transfers
   - partly restoring the Aral Sea
   - law enforcement in pursuit of ClimateGate hackers
   - shrimp farming
   - stretchy touch sensor
   - smart lockers
   - Alt/1977 realizations of 21st-century tech
   - adventures with LED Christmas lights

[*] 2011 INDEX

* DEC 2011

   244 illustrations for 2011 / 10 gvg
   JFK assassination (series)
   antibiotic resistance (series)
   plant genomes (series)
   LED lighting
   e-cigarette controversy
   new GP medical services models
   low-cost glasses
   artificial leaf plus polymer and paper solar cells
   drug shortages in USA
   shrinking icecaps
   loyalty cards as a global phenomenon
   - Moscow demonstrations
   - illegal immigration into USA on the decline
   - US states into lotteries to deal with budget shortfalls
   - modeling impact of modern Laki volcanic eruption
   - parasitic flies versus wasps
   - USAF RLV competition
   - contact memory buttons
   - helium shortages affect military balloons
   - US Postal Service threatened by secure email schemes
   - UC Berkeley climate study
   - tinkering with Wolbachia bacteria to control dengue
   - Seurat rendered in soft-drink cans
   - playing name games at McDonald's

* NOV 2011

   JFK assassination (series)
   smart structures (series)
   food production for 9 billion (series)
   laser enrichment of nuclear fuel
   USPS going broke
   Paris Autolib car networking scheme
   3-cylinder piston engines
   flexible AC transmission for smart grids
   cancer screening questioned
   dust and climate change
   solar ultraviolet and climate change
   lunar X-prize
   using bacteria to refine ores 
   obtaining metals from geothermal plants
   - US-Vietnam rapprochement
   - violence with information requests in India
   - campaign of sabotage against Iranian WMD program?
   - solar powered ferry for China
   - "super sand" for filtration system
   - using solar power for oil recovery
   - SpaceX reusable booster
   - fossil of precursor baleen whale
   - anger at CFS researchers
   - old newspapers as biofuel feedstock
   - solar power integrated into windows
   - set-top boxes as power hogs
   - STAR WARS dog for Halloween
   - total body eating
   - destructive early snowfall in Loveland
   - articles for blog piling up

* OCT 2011

   JKF assassination (series)
   food production for 9 billion (series)
   examining functionality of bacterial genome 
   bacterial endosymbiosis in mealybugs
   silicon carbide for power electronics
   temporary halt in sea rise & shifting storm tracks
   e-books becoming popular & introduces Kindle Fire
   floating solar panels & Atacama solar power
   furor over HPV vaccine
   jute back in fashion
   satellite servicing programs
   - death of Qaddafi
   - Bodog sets odds on politicians
   - ObamaCare headed for Supreme Court
   - 747 SOFIA observatory tracks Pluto occultation
   - seedlessness in sugar apple and cherimoya
   - protofossils found in ancient Australian sandstones
   - GRAIL lunar gravity mappers launched
   - Chinese Tiangong 1 space station launched
   - UARS & ROSAT satellites fall to Earth
   - implantable wireless cancer tumor sensor
   - digital tattoos to help diabetics monitor blood glucose levels
   - "stick on" biomedical monitoring system
   - "smart bandages" that change colors
   - Winter the dolphin's prosthetic tail
   - bacteria digesting oceanic plastic?
   - breeding better bees to fight colony collapse disorder
   - arthropod genome initiative
   - fossil wasp larvae in dinosaur egg fossils
   - Milky Way Transit Authority map
   - getting out of online disputes
   - new Bravenet guestbook & video captchas

* SEP 2011

   JFK assassination (series)
   food production for 9 billion (series)
   bioluminescence (series)
   genetic analysis for tracking fisheries
   CIA as combat force
   Microsoft Computational Science Lab
   new Boeing 737 MAX jetliners
   electric vehicles for delivery fleets
   induction motors for electric vehicles
   reusing old drugs for new applications
   tablet computer wars in transition
   ESA Vega light booster
   - US mercenaries heavily employed in Iraq 
   - Israel & Turkey getting along better than they sound
   - India & Bangladesh resolve border enclaves
   - Iranian authorities against water fights
   - 911 ten-year anniversary
   - adding touch to flat keyboards
   - Logitech solar wireless keyboard
   - waterless car washes
   - Fermes Lufa rooftop farms in Montreal
   - plesiosaur live birth
   - deep-underground nematodes
   - clams for tracking water pollution
   - LifePlayer digital music player for developing world
   - spectroscopic signatures to validate whiskey
   - Geo-Replicator system to reduce military networking bandwidth
   - DARPA backpack wireless transmission system
   - UFOs disguised as jetliners
   - Loveland helicopter formation flight
   - replaced my flooring
   - trip to Spokane, burned on hotels

* AUG 2011

   JFK assassination (series)
   bioluminescence (series)
   history of multicore computing (series)
   selling products in India
   Indians & the taxman
   3D printing for manufacturing
   Archaean explosion
   bureaucracy of South Sudan statehood
   cargo theft
   DARPA battlefield medicine initiatives
   global vaccine 
   more intelligent planetary rovers
   threat of fuel leaks from sunken vessels
   - McCain versus Tea Party Hobbits
   - Malthusians versus Conucopians
   - SULSA printed drone
   - intelligent robot pallets for cargolift aircraft
   - India's government uses Hotmail and Gmail
   - ARVs help prevent HIV infection
   - rose-ringed parakeets infest British cities
   - vine provides sonar beacons for pollinating bats
   - Army Marketplace military cellphone apps store
   - wireless-enabled inhalers to track asthma epidemiology
   - 3D printing of chocolates
   - MACON airship RC model
   - Lego Curiosity rover
   - watering my own lawn with graywater

* JUL 2011

   JFK assassination (series)
   disease eradication (series)
   more than voice phone services for the developing world (series)
   fake Chinese fossils
   the age of the Anthropocene
   evolution of shells and skeletons
   bottom of the pyramid economics in the USA
   NuSTAR X-ray satellite
   nuclear zero option
   more on machine vision
   - regaining stolen loot from deposed dictators
   - gangsters into CD-DVD piracy
   - billions of dollars in unclaimed funds
   - tentacled snake
   - navigation of seals and rats via whiskers
   - plant that fakes fungal infection to attract fly pollinators
   - SAC-D launch
   - DMC-3 constellation
   - US government NSTIC security effort
   - LeapPad tablet PC for kids
   - growing mushrooms using disposable diapers
   - prinia bird frustrates nest parasite with variable egg colors
   - intracellular symbiosis in salamander eggs with algae
   - dry ice deposits on Mars
   - Airdrome Aeroplanes replicas
   - trashing my old backup CD-ROMs
   - setting up a Flickr account

* JUN 2011

   JFK assassination (series)
   more than voice tech for developing world (series)
   difficulties with digital census (series)
   incinerating trash with plasma torch to produce energy
   the peculiar gold business
   Canadian tar-sands oil
   Raytheon AT-6 light attack aircraft
   extracting water from fog
   reusing graywater
   inspecting the human virome
   maritime automatic identification system (AIS)
   software for electronic discovery and blocking cheats
   - Obama announces Afghanistan pullout
   - modifying bribery laws in India
   - rename al-Qaeda contest
   - cellphone charge card readers 
   - Lumexis fiber-optic inflight entertainment system
   - Tobil Technology low-cost eye-tracking scheme
   - Word Lens instant sign translator for camera smartphones
   - Toshiba uSB Mobile portable display
   - Polaroid Instamatic camera tech lives on 
   - NASA begins work on OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample-return mission
   - reducing cattle flatulence by diet 
   - landfill methanogen identified
   - short sleepers are rare, sleep machismo isn't
   - NASA setting up automated system to track meteor trails
   - creating rival virus to keep HIV in check
   - preserving data from old physics experiments
   - getting by on vending machines in Nippon
   - schlocky $100 tablets already here
   - another Spokane trip, staying in better motels

* MAY 2011

   JFK assassination (series)
   India development (series)
   shoplifting as global issue
   radio astronomers against radio noise
   finding storage for genomic data
   diamond for quantum computing
   diminishing returns for supercomputing
   green funerals
   Juno Jupiter orbiter
   intestinal flora versus diet
   nuclear cleanup at Hanford
   dubious economics of nuclear power
    - Qaddafi weakening
    - ideas for taxes
    - the end of the world
    - printed battery
    - fast-recharge battery tech
    - Mantis LED lamp
    - China space station plans
    - bats find home in pitcher plants
    - bladderworts as predatory plants
    - metagenomic analysis of cow digestive organisms
    - DARPA investigates tactical nuclear reactors
    - DARPA investigates fuel-efficient gas turbines & energy storage
    - USMC embraces renewables, seeks APUs or wotnot for vehicles
    - obtaining water from exhaust of diesel vehicles
    - Kindle library program
    - amusing flash drives
    - iCade game system for iPad
    - tidying up passwords, power usage, and other picky stuff

* APR 2011

   JFK assassination (series)
   EMBRAPA & Brazil farm boom (series)
   responsive space (series)
   tilapia business
   high-tech vending machines
   bedbug resurgence
   renting out cloud-computing resources
   possible new resistant staph threat
   governmental reform in Mideast
   EVOFIT facial recognition system
   improved voice recognition tech
   tablet PC enthusiasm
   - Obama Birther controversy
   - General Maggie Woodward leads Libya strikes
   - Hydowatt of Italy obtains power from aqueducts
   - Bloom Energy fuel cell systems
   - Swedish virtual air traffic control tower
   - advanced washing machine from UK
   - SpaceX Dragon crewed space capsule & Falcon Heavy booster
   - decadal survey for space science
   - European cuckoos imitate sparrowhawks
   - gonorrhea bacterium has chunk of human DNA
   - plantago reverts to wind pollination
   - SkyTug airships
   - TI powerline inspection robot
   - RoboEarth online data sharing system for robots
   - Copehagen trash incinerator provides ski slope
   - converting MP3 files to MIDI 
   - recording music off PC
   - conversions spreadsheet

* MAR 2011

   JFK assassination (series)
   responsive space (series)
   nuclear insecurity (series)
   influenza (series)
   Libya strike
   rebuilding Japan after quake
   evolution of the marsupials
   boom in rare earths mining
   city bicycle renting systems
   Supreme Court rules on vaccine case
   Nautilus-X space cruiser
   Microsoft Kinect gesture-recognition system a big hit
   Air Force finally selects new KC-46A tanker
   - Obama's Guantanamo quandary
   - India's takes on corruption
   - hydroponic gardens for Antarctica and space
   - Manhattan Science Barge hydroponic garden
   - maglev tube delivery system
   - multiple historical surveys all show global warming
   - cuckoo nest parasites mimic host coloration
   - DARPA SCENICC soldier smart imaging system
   - blue agave biofuel
   - electronic glasses
   - OLED TV
   - Japan's hundred-yen shops
   - raising bugs as a food source
   - shuttle history release

* FEB 2011

   JFK assassination (series)
   influenza (series)
   bearded goby thrives in a dead sea
   UK trims back on packaging
   healthy vending
   artificial pancreas
   smart systems for battlefield surveillance
   USAF airship
   rising ocean acidity
   city of Kristianstad goes green
   wireless medicine
   - Libya uprising
   - Obama stimulus program
   - energetic activity in Crab Nebula
   - Stardust-NeXT revisits comet Tempel 1
   - US peat moss all one geneline
   - Chinese Permian fossil bed
   - CommStellation comsat network
   - Liberty booster
   - California schools go solar
   - US Marines in Afghanistan go solar
   - what to do with leftover EV batteries
   - soot contribution to climate change
   - smart software to search for gravitational lensing
   - rinderpest eliminated
   - giving up on longhand
   - my new DVD player with memory

* JAN 2011

   JFK assassination (series)
   war on the deficit (series)
   Alzheimer's challenge
   Commodore 64 PC resurrected
   campaign against illegal logging
   copper theft
   dung beetles inspected
   assassin bugs raid spider webs
   South Africa gets serious about AIDS
   using probiotics to prevent pneumonia
   probing the virome
   - the logic behind ObamaCare
   - smart vision / audio systems
   - smart police vision system to check license plates
   - tweeting by jurors disrupting trials
   - internet spam on the decline
   - Swarm magnetic mapping satellites
   - Orbital Taurus II booster
   - giant lungfish tooth
   - venomous dinosaur
   - mojosaurus ceratopsian
   - semi-solar-powered Oriental hornet
   - EMAV PRU diesel-powered hybrid trailer for electric vehicles
   - EU road train concept in development
   - acoustic landslide detection system
   - DIA conspiracy
   - my new Vizio LED TV

[*] 2010 INDEX

* DEC 2010

   188 illustrations for 2010 / 15 gvg
   JFK assassination (series)
   summer Northwest road trip (series)
   Bangladesh braces for global warming (series)
   energy for the developing world
   National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)
   reprogramming cells to behave like stem cells
   handheld blood testing unit
   Raman spectroscopy for medicine
   increasing prevalence of counterfeit drugs
   lack of morphine for Africans
   wind power on Indian reservations
   potential pollution reductions in China by cleaning coal
   the "uncanny valley" in robots and digitally-modeled humans
   - US healthcare industry backs ObamaCare
   - California state government reform
   - hive organization of trematodes / flukes
   - plants emit volatiles in response to caterpillar attacks
   - Harry Potter causes run on owls in India
   - the ruin of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN
   - fruit flies resist roundworms thanks to symbiotic bacteria
   - Chinese Tianhe-1A
   - Camioncyclette cargo bike
   - modern fallout shelters
   - hints that climate may have killed off Neanderthals
   - giant fossil penguin & stork
   - tiny frogs that live in pitcher plants
   - DARPA working on drugs for high-altitude acclimation
   - DARPA working on fast-reaction vaccines
   - Replenish refillable spray cleaner
   - Lovecraft versus insanely expensive audio cables
   - Apture bar, online flash games

* NOV 2010

   JFK assassination (series)
   Bangladesh versus global warming (series)
   system updates revisited (series)
   solar power from Stirling engines
   DNA drugs
   Japan sells products to the developing world
   cellphones from India's Micromax
   anomalous black hole and giant pulsar
   Triassic extinction
   hybridization reconsidered
   Richard T. Whitcomb
   AIDS in Russia
   - move to Right in midterm elections
   - California abandons gerrymandering
   - US farmers doing well these days
   - power from gases in Lake Kivu in Rwanda
   - regenerative braking system for Philadelphia's subways
   - forward air controllers getting direct control over strike platforms
   - chimps get wise to snare traps
   - lantern sharks use bioluminesence for camouflage
   - NIST experiment on general relativity
   - Egyptian crater found on Google Earth
   - EATR biomass energy robot
   - Nokia bicycle-powered cellphone charger
   - nanomotors driven by laser
   - power towers in the form of giants
   - bizarre CONTAINMENT Lego construction
   - crane suction gripper head
   - CD-ROM with games in cereal box & rise of store brands
   - updating reviews on website

* OCT 2010

   JFK assassination (series)
   US fast rail versus freight rail (series)
   system updates revisited (series)
   improving cassava as foodstuff
   overblown Arctic methane scare
   domesticating oysters
   spider silk from GM silkworms
   GM EN-V bubble cars
   digital biopsies
   Obama space plan finalized
   dining in space
   evolutionary adaptation to disease
   - turnover at Obama White House
   - Liu Xiaobo gets Nobel peace prize
   - Bangladeshis like paying taxes
   - stop soot to slow climate change
   - terror birds examined
   - radioactive German boars
   - laser pacemakers
   - vending machine video games
   - houses made of straw
   - wide variation in dog skull structures
   - antibiotic resistant bacteria help non-resistant siblings
   - bornavirus sequences common in human genome
   - Ig Nobel prizes
   - visit to RC aircraft show

* SEP 2010

   JFK assassination (series)
   Boeing 787 Dreamliner & 747-8 (series)
   system update adventures (series)
   CSI gives jurors unrealistic ideas about forensic science
   Volvox genome versus single-celled algae genome
   cadavers in safety tests
   Dutch difficulties with Q fever
   cause of severe winter of 2009:2010
   Belyaev's experiments in fox domestication
   swarm algorithms
   - Ahmadinejad hints that 911 was a government conspiracy
   - Hugo Chavez gets setback in Venezuelan parliamentary elections
   - Japan finds large numbers of centenarians unaccounted for
   - giant fossil soaring bird with toothed beak
   - details on behavioral effects of Toxoplasma parasite
   - cacao tree genome decoded
   - GOCE satellite problems
   - NASA Solar Probe Plus program
   - muscle degeneration in long-term spaceflight
   - mission to an asteroid
   - SpaceX promotes Mars mission
   - quantum dot camera
   - hydroponic grocery store
   - cleaning up marine diesels
   - Humane Reader electronic book for developing countries
   - wheat plant genome decoded
   - epidemiology of 1889 Russian flu pandemic
   - ancestral squid fossil discovered
   - ant traffic management
   - elderly scamsters
   - Chinook flyby
   - sleeping through warm summers

* AUG 2010

   JFK assassination (series)
   system update adventures (series)
   Crystal Palace (series)
   solar fuel synthesis
   poor countries with lots of disease obtain low IQ scores
   safety hazards of highly automated systems
   controversy over palm oil production
   fungicides lead to resistant fungal infections?
   US Army LEMV surveillance airship
   adjuvants explained
   Franklin Chang-Diaz and VASIMR rocket propulsion system
   - US combat forces out of Iraq
   - shaky Iraq oil business
   - election fever in Africa
   - vibrating automotive blind spot detection system & cars for the blind
   - MoveIt carton moving kit
   - microneedle hypodermic scheme
   - lithium / carbon nanotube battery
   - US weathersat politics
   - Galaxy 15 comsat goes rogue
   - cheapo TubeSat satellites
   - kudzu causes air pollution?
   - life in Trinidad hot asphalt lake
   - why early Earth didn't freeze over
   - origins of parking meter
   - blood bank for dogs in Madras
   - heart pacemakers for animals
   - USB mailbox and other silly tech gimmicks
   - creationist Granville Sewell's fantasy Earth simulation

* JUL 2010

   JFK assassination (series)
   Crystal Palace (series)
   Ug99 mutant stem rust fungal plague (series)
   spring Northwest road trip (series)
   Panasonic Fusion advanced airliner seat
   EADS hybrid helicopter
   DASH7 remote RFID communications scheme
   natural gas glut
   Despommiers on farm towers
   movie theater business booming thanks to 3D flics
   Snowball Earth scenario not popular
   US JPATS prisoner air transportation system
   Evil Overlord versus conspiracy theorists
   - joint US-ROK military exercises enrage North Korea
   - Russian imperial pretensions a sham 
   - colored gloves aid gesture recognition
   - MIT invisible mouse gesture recognition
   - Lotus rebuilds Toyota Venza to cut a third of the weight
   - portable hydroponics farming unit
   - giant Britannia wind turbine
   - symbiosis between ants and acacias
   - CNES Picard satellite
   - Falcon 9 selected to orbit Iridium satellites
   - ISRO future plans
   - cucumber mosaic virus manipulates hosts to attract aphids
   - anoxic multicellular animals
   - low star-formation rates in galaxies due to central black holes
   - DARPA work on healing wounds without stitches
   - French research on regrowing teeth to get rid of cavities
   - SCRAM booze-detecting ankle bracelet
   - Shiva impact crater?
   - Win7 upgrade difficulties

* JUN 2010

   JFK assassination (series)
   spring Northwest road trip (series)
   fight over global warming (series)
   other diseases caused by prions?
   wireless power in theory and practice
   Earthscope / USArray geoscience network
   obtaining uranium from coal ash and seawater
   Moscow Mars mission simulation
   the difficulties with corruption
   NASA SOFIA flying observatory
   - G20 summit & deficit cutting
   - Chinese leadership not pushing "China Model"
   - crop yields boosted by symbiotic fungi
   - Homeland Security cellphone CB attack detection crowdsourcing scheme
   - BioLite advanced campstove
   - malevolent hacking into automotive digital systems
   - MusicLite wireless speaker / light
   - DNA extracted from ancient eggshells
   - worms make ant abdomen look like berry
   - tiny bubbles against global warming
   - China plants trees
   - STER UV water sterilizer
   - nanotube RFID tag
   - lidar sensor for wind turbines
   - radars tweaked to null out wind turbines
   - Nassim Haramein rethinks physics with solar stargate

* MAY 2010

   JFK assassination (series)
   fight over global warming (series)
   Monsanto revisited
   Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption
   imaginary elements
   Beech King Air 350 in combat
   IAEA working on nuclear repository schemes
   truffles investigated
   firefly flashes
   ad-hoc wireless networks
   - David Cameron becomes PM
   - fuss over sinking of South Korean Navy corvette CHEONAN
   - Robert Gates plays hardball with the military
   - EADS competing in USAF tanker deal after all
   - US troops march in Moscow victory parade
   - new BXDL and IH-BD Blu-Ray disk formats
   - new scheme for recycling PET plastic with organic catalysts
   - Sony Dash programmable alarm clock
   - DARPA REPAIR brain implant program
   - USAF reusable booster system
   - 1.8 gigapixel ARGUS-IS camera
   - South Korean catamaran wind power generator
   - soccer ball to generate electricity
   - plant sociability
   - gene transfer in intestinal flora of Japanese
   - cellphone use reduces risk of Alzheimer's?
   - tetris as a means of reducing post-traumatic stress
   - Guild of Calamitous Intent
   - adding ALT text to website illustrations

* APR 2010

   JFK assassination (series)
   the fight over global warming (series)
   Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty / CTBT verification schemes (series)
   CDMS dark matter search
   India versus China as market for Western goods
   McDonald's in India
   periodic dimming of Epsilon Aurigae
   rogue brown dwarf star discovered
   product counterfeiting on the increase
   microbanking & microinsurance
   printing replacement organs
   aging in place at home
   Microsoft medical house-call scheme
   bias against girl babies & its effects
   - Eyjafjallajoekull volcano eruption
   - US reluctant to use force on Iran
   - Bangladesh newspapers reprint fake Moon landing hoax story
   - collapsing shipping container
   - US windpower map
   - micro-hydro technology
   - Obama clarifies space policy
   - Lockheed Martin revives Athena booster
   - Aussie stingless hive bees mummify intruders
   - sunflower plant genome being decoded
   - Foraminifera Sculpture Park in China
   - ancient giant pachycormid filter-feeding fish
   - NREL's lost algae samples
   - Infinite USB stackable connectors
   - EMP for punching holes in sheet metal
   - smart pill technology
   - dealing with frostbite
   - no taxes to pay
   - IMAX Hubble movie

* MAR 2010

   JFK assassination (series)
   intracellular immune mechanisms (series)
   parasitic wasp genome (series)
   history of the pacemaker
   silent mutations not so silent after all
   advances in optical metamaterials
   neural connectomics
   extensive amounts of computer code in cars
   Craig Venter focuses on algae biofuels & other biofuel efforts
   who needs democracy?
   Chagas disease and schistosomiasis
   carbon planets
   - national health care legislation passed
   - EADS drops out of USAF tanker race
   - Army bacteria-based water purification system
   - Mobile Digital TV
   - Empire State Building refurbished for energy efficiency
   - RFID scheme for tombstones
   - Iran presents Simorgh rocket
   - Globalstar offers science payload space on next-gen comsats
   - fossil bornavirus code found in human genome
   - symbiotic luminescent bacteria in bobtailed squid
   - Dark Energy Camera (DECAM)
   - Adobe Flash targeted by malware makers
   - gesture recognition for consumer gear
   - CO2 capture used to provide geothermal energy
   - self-climbing crane for wind turbines
   - puzzles about website traffic
   - low priority tasks at home

* FEB 2010

   JFK assassination (series)
   phosphorus depletion & agriculture (series)
   domestication of the housecat (series)
   the problem with state referendums
   chocolate instead of cocaine in Peru
   forecasting solar storms
   agricultural robots
   3D printing systems
   Himalayan glaciers not melting?
   Deb Roy monitors his baby son to learn about language development
   Obama space plan
   ORS-1 reconnaissance satellite for field warfighters
   Northrop Grumman Hybrid Launch Vehicle (HLV)
   HIV resistant hosts
   - new Pluto images
   - XMRV apparently not linked to CFS
   - see-through Japanese goldfish
   - LADEE Moon orbiter
   - manned missions complementing robot missions
   - invisiblebracelet med ID scheme
   - RPI nanotube paper / cloth batteries
   - Swedish virtual autopsy system
   - thumb flash memory drives in the dry cleaners in the UK
   - hammerhead shark head supports 3D viewing
   - evolutionary specializations of raptor claws
   - corn genome decoded
   - buying a Blu-Ray player
   - site illustrations update complete
   - smart answers to dumb queries

* JAN 2010

   JFK assassination (series)
   domestication of the housecat (series)
   evolution of nervous system (series)
   OA-X light turboprop attack aircraft for USAF
   Scorpion small smart bomb
   power from sewage
   graphene electronics
   genome conservation apparently unrelated to function
   Chinese wind power
   Genome 10K plan to obtain 10,000 genomes
   schlock mockbuster movies
   antibiotic threat to our intestinal bacteria
   - AQAP and Guantanamo
   - US military TISC software in Haiti relief operation
   - Desertec Industrial Initiative for solar power from Africa
   - Siemens pursues offshore wind power
   - Philips tries to keep an edge in LED lighting
   - using mushrooms to grow biodegradable packing material
   - Virgin SpaceShipTwo LauncherOne
   - JAXA ASR booster
   - honeybees smarter than traditionally believed
   - deep-sea bone-eating worms
   - mining peridotite rocks to stop global warming
   - EU road train concept
   - AIDA dashboard robot
   - wi-fi on buses encouraging ridership
   - going overboard on BOINC
   - troubleshooting a plastic santa
   - Norway space spiral

[*] 2009 INDEX

* DEC 2009

   158 illustrations for 2009 / 20 gvg
   immune system (series)
   battlefield lasers (series)
   Southwest road trip (series)
   infrared fluorescent proteins
   fake relics on eBay
   SMOS satellite
   digitizing old astronomical plates
   ecstasy for PTSD
   sterilizing feral pets
   Big Pharma embraces generic drugs.
   - Copenhagen global warming conference
   - riots in Iran
   - China imprisons Liu Xiaobo
   - World Wide Lightning Location Network
   - giant pliosaur found in UK
   - filarial worms and symbiotic bacteria
   - CFS suspect identified
   - Iridium satellites to offer science payloads
   - innovative ideas in air transport
   - airlines and airports lag in recycling
   - power sockets with USB plugs
   - silkworm genome decoded
   - golden cloth made of spider silk 
   - spider web in amber
   - vegetarian spider
   - Mythbusters at the White House
   - checking blog archives
   - David Icke

* NOV 2009

   immune system (series)
   Southwest road trip (series)
   Second Life disappointment
   falling global population growth
   farming mushrooms
   toxic risk assessment reconsidered
   Demand Media churns out cheap data
   biochar against global warming
   - disappointing Obama, North Korea spats
   - Nissan EPORO fish schooling robots
   - MultiPlayer YouTube-like intelligence collection system
   - US Army PyTec waste-to-energy system
   - growing algae for biofuels in old mines
   - global temperatures flatlining for now
   - forams used to track climate data back 20 million years
   - automatic antibiotic tests with nematode worms
   - Rosetta comet probe makes last Earth flyby
   - ancient China bilaterian fossils
   - 2D barcodes for camera phones
   - Pirelli smart tire
   - shape memory alloys help accident-proof bridges
   - 911 truther annoyances, Twitter following picks up

* OCT 2009

   parasites (series)
   Southwest road trip (series)
   NASA human spaceflight options (series)
   Jill Price remembers all
   flu frenzy
   combined-effect EMP munitions
   bug spatters for metagenomics
   butterfly family tree
   self-powered electrical generators
   the science of bug stings
   e-waste calamity in China 
   - US worries over Afghanistan, home-grown Islamic terrorism
   - spysat imagery for science
   - new tyrannosaurid fossil
   - new pterosaur fossil
   - muddled multitaskers
   - prepaid cards for relief in Pakistan
   - solar-powered satchel bags
   - SpeedWay electric car scheme
   - Spitzer IR satellite runs out of helium but keeps on ticking
   - pterosaur tracks discovered in France
   - microecologies of pitcher plants
   - updating blog archives, Twitterspamming

* SEP 2009

   parasites (series)
   NASA human spaceflight options (series)
   HAARP (series)
   smart grids (series)
   possible HIV vaccine
   P-8 Poseidon sub-hunter
   hydrogen fuel for cars examined
   carbon capture examined
   antibiotics maybe not toxins after all
   scrubbing systems against global warming
   Qaddafi survives and prospers
   the origins of photosynthesis
   - health-care politics, scaling back ABM deployment, Obama black ops
   - UK fire-fighting robots
   - gadgets based on paper and thermochromic ink
   - networked horn honking alarm system
   - 50th anniversary of 3-point seat belt
   - pea aphid genome decoded
   - artificial Golgi apparatus
   - linkages between organisms from North & South Poles
   - drug-dispensing contact lenses
   - scattering earthquake waves
   - Jedi lightsaber chopsticks
   - constructing 3D shapes with DNA
   - updating household flooring, adding pix to blog archives

* AUG 2009

   parasites (series)
   smart grid (series)
   the origins of flowers (series)
   wireless recharging
   global access to fresh water
   software agent groups
   SpaceX booster efforts
   next-generation ICs
   the Russian gas business
   geared turbofans
   terrorist Bryant Neal Vinas
   - Iraqis enthusiastic about security, light fighter effort, Yugosphers
   - USAF light fighter competition
   - the Yugosphere
   - tunicates as carbon sinks
   - jellyfish and ocean circulation
   - squid plague off San Diego
   - Bell hybrid tandem rotor VTOL
   - PANOPTES flat camera array
   - NIST memristor
   - Jupiter impact
   - blood fluke genomes decoded
   - water flea genome decoded
   - why the toucan has a big bill
   - organic foods not healthier
   - The 99, Twitterspam, Wings of Freedom, BOINC revisited

* JUL 2009

   parasites (series)
   green military (series)
   NASA-ESA collaboration in Jupiter exploration
   agricultural colonialism
   end of business-methods patents
   voice websites for illiterates via cellphones 
   biodiesel from coffee grounds, duckweed biofuels, banana briquettes
   India national ID effort
   DARPA shape-shifting machinery effort
   fluctuating oil prices
   - Indonesia terror, F-22 production ended, New Jersey corruption scandal
   - broadband over power lines
   - wind power at Belgian Antarctic station
   - RFID tags for airline baggage tracking proven cost-effective
   - termite antibacterial saliva
   - X-raying for fossils in opaque amber
   - cosmic rays not responsible for global warming
   - millennial data-storage system using carbon nanotubes
   - virtual hospital on Second Life
   - V Communicator Mobile on iPods for the US military
   - freeze-dried rations with built-in water filter
   - dental plasma torch
   - WIRED Online blog gimmicks
   - organ transplants from murderers, car show, Batman Adventures

* JUN 2009

   parasites (series)
   Russia in the 21st century (series)
   new lightweight smart missiles
   smart infrastructure
   cellphones in prisons
   DNA from mammoths
   AQIM terrorists in North Africa
   hunting for dark matter
   high-altitude drone airships
   extreme pollinator adaptations
   vaccines and autism
   - Americans drop Iraq security, Iran elections, Japan weapon export ban
   - cellphone-based reward systems for taking medicines
   - GE micro-holographic disk mass storage
   - hybrid vehicles using compressed-air supercharging boost
   - survey of skin microorganisms
   - using dyes to mark cancer cells for surgery
   - recycling comsat dishes as radio telescopes
   - Burj Mubarak skyscraper
   - Honda walking assist systems
   - UK national surveillance TV network
   - dirt bike ambulances in the Sudan
   - local elk and auto classics, Americans watch 5 hours of TV a day

* MAY 2009

   parasites (series)
   Russia in the 21st century (series)
   elevators explained
   nanotube radio
   evolution and cooking
   BWB cargolift aircraft
   business in Iraq
   observing worlds around distant stars
   FBI spyware
   - Sri Lanka crushes Tamil Tigers, North Korean nuke, Saberi released
   - quiet sun
   - mockingbird & rook intelligence
   - proto-seal
   - solar power car park
   - online wanted posters
   - building underground in Amsterdam
   - mine emergency communications system (plates and hammers)
   - view-master phased out
   - killing older mosquitoes to halt malaria
   - photosynthetic mollusc
   - Antarctic extremophiles
   - government gives away supercomputer time
   - Twitter, LegoToons

* APR 2009

   parasites (series)
   evolution & information (series)
   smarter cars (series)
   smart bots for computer games (series)
   machine vision apps
   Bhopal disaster at 25
   runaway stars
   Future Combat System cancelled
   geothermal power in Africa's Rift Valley
   mainstream money laundering
   science instrument systems for ferries
   - Iranian leadership
   - automated ocean oil platforms
   - Miniatur Wunderland train set
   - Wired Gadget Lab gimmicks
   - constructing artificial proteins
   - sampling a fallen asteroid
   - Quaker parrot heroics
   - tiny houses
   - 747 hostel
   - rotating structures
   - USA Flight 1549 splashes into Hudson, getting caught up, personal stats

* MAR 2009

   evolution & information (series)
   smart bots for computer games (series)
   North & South Korea (series)
   GPS phone applications
   USAF X-37B spaceplane
   DARPA MEMS program
   global domination of English
   better stoves for developing nations
   data mining
   futuristic German hotel
   ESA Earth Explorer satellite (series)
   mutant "fancy" goldfish.
   - cricket team attacked in Pakistan, ICC indicts Sudan boss    
   - genomic diversity of dogs
   - barreleyes and spookfish
   - Minoru webcam
   - cutting drag of ocean vessels with bubble layer
   - Spokane trip, COAL BLACK

* FEB 2009

   North & South Korea (series)
   AIDS at 25 (series)
   dealing with IEDs (series)
   alternate Bibles
   Greenland glacier slowdown
   evolutionary computing
   feral hogs, pouched rats for hunting mines
   DARPA walking robots
   interfacing the brain to machines
   ASDE-X runway monitoring system
   electric airplane
   nuclear reactor for the Moon
   presidential superphone
   George W. Bush's presidency reviewed
   - Obama stimulus, Rachida Dati
   - hurricane curtains
   - self-cleaning drain
   - demolishing buildings a floor at a time from the bottom
   - Dubai World Trade Center wind turbines
   - white trash supremacists for Obama, Proboards message board, DC185  
   - adding blog illustrations
   - Philips DC185 WMA problems
   - 1998 Disney Florida trip

* JAN 2009

   AIDS at 25 (series)
   dealing with IEDs (series)
   China's global hunt for resources (series)
   the evolution of the Earth's minerals
   battlefield insect robots
   nervous optimism over Iraq
   Energy Star questions
   Universal Bulletin Board Code
   solar power plants with hot salt storage
   green cities
   military solar power satellites
   economic worries for 2009
   - Obama inauguration
   - cyberknife X-ray machine against cancer
   - rubber tank tracks
   - Sansa clip music player
   - Philips DC185 digital boombox
   - Army wall coverings to protect against blasts
   - auto anti-theft systems in Brazil
   - Ocean Observatories Initiative oceanic sensing network
   - McAfee Siteadvisor, clock screensaver on laptop

[*] 2008 INDEX

* DEC 2008:

   123 illustrations for 2008 / 30 gvg
   China's global hunt for resources (series)
   new PC adventures (series)
   smell sensors
   Somali pirates
   maintaining old tech
   cellphones & epidemiology
   agritech and Thanksgiving dinner
   Obama's challenge with Guantanamo
   video surveillance that reads minds
   electric trucks
   - Mumbai attacks, Israeli blitzes Gaza
   - Obama in the wings for the White House, Iran baffled by Obama win
   - single-seat tiltrotor aircraft
   - zeppelins for San Francisco tours
   - plastic refrigeration system
   - e-cigs
   - ADAS helicopter situational awareness system
   - carbon nanotube speakers
   - selling stuff through, Maschinen Krieger, Timecube

* NOV 2008:

   new PC adventures (series)
   4D flight trajectories
   Luke Skywalker prosthetic arm
   advice for aspiring scientific geniuses
   cruise ships
   multitouch touchscreen tech
   biofuels from algae
   shell shock reconsidered
   NLOS PAM precision strike system
   cosmetic medicine
   - Obama wins the election
   - water-cooled computer chips
   - MODERN MECHANIX website
   - fuel cells for tractor-trailer rigs
   - concrete that soaks up CO2
   - Caltech digital microscope
   - finally got all my pix archived

* OCT 2008:

   new PC adventures (series)
   the war against al-Qaeda (series)
   Bush II Administration learns from mistakes
   medical tourism on the rise
   steampunk amusements
   Brazilian ethanol
   solar superstorms
   Saudis against high oil prices
   troublesome classification of prokaryotes
   companies setting up their own clinics
   less to Russian assertiveness than meets the eye
   - Chavez makes trouble, global financial meltdown, racists and Obama
   - Go-Tag smart card tags
   - Micro 4/3 cameras
   - ice-pack vest for athletes
   - soccer ball Mars rover
   - Brazil wireless networks
   - electronic fencing systems for cattle
   - AIDS denialists, leet, Flip 3D

* SEP 2008:

   DOCTOR TATIANA (series)
   the war against Islamic terrorism (series)
   farming in skyscrapers
   more emphasis needed on energy efficiency
   fourth-generation cellphone systems
   intelligent surgical implants
   improved mosquito nets
   in-flight entertainment systems
   resistance against vaccination
   possible horizontal gene transfer in fish
   mysterious migraine headaches
   open-source hardware movement
   antennas for solar power
   - Zardari becomes PM in Pakistan, Pakistan bombings
   - McCain selects Palin, bad economic news
   - quiet electric cars threaten pedestrians
   - cable cars for London Olympics
   - skyscraper made of erector sets
   - graphics processor boards for home supercomputing
   - ultrafast USB 3.0
   - dual trips to Spokane

* AUG 2008:

   DOCTOR TATIANA (series)
   the war against Islamic terrorism (series)
   Florida road trip again (series)
   genetically non-identical twins
   keeping the Beijing Olympics fed
   ingenious small drones
   traffic control software & improved transmissions
   building up farming in Russia & US inner cities
   Bruce Ivins & anthrax terrorism
   difficulties with food aid
   new developments in airships
   the business of wind power in the USA
   cyber spies
   - election campaigning, Georgia versus Russia, Russians against US ABMs
   - Musharraf's hold on power weakening  
   - electronic lockup for truants in Texas, international graffiti criminals
   - underground automated delivery system in Ruhr
   - more use of fingerprint ID systems
   - FBI computer forensics lab
   - Design Against Crime Center at Saint Martin's College in London
   - nice day trip to Denver

* JUL 2008:

   DOCTOR TATIANA (series)
   Florida road trip again (series)
   CERN Large Hadron Collider online
   nuclear warhead reductions
   eco-friendly road-building
   runway foreign-object detection
   drugs to increase intelligence
   Flip video camera
   minimally invasive surgery
   expose on background-checks companies
   race to build computer data centers
   freeing Ingrid Betancourt
   pico-projector systems
   confusion over conservation policies
   - Sudan boss indicted, Israelis rattle sabre at Iran, Betancourt speaks
   - more USAF tanker troubles, US elections
   - Katrina Hodge, Brother Cesare
   - JPADS GPS-guided parachute system
   - Buffalo anti-mine vehicle
   - wetware networks
   - evolution insanity, banner ad and domain name scams

* JUN 2008

   Yellowstone menace (series)
   Florida road trip again (series)
   computer-aided fashion
   free-standing water turbines
   Naxalite rebels in India
   VOIP eavesdropping
   racial genomics
   Monsanto on a roll with GM crops
   Bluetooth surveyed
   Renault-Nissan plans for electric cars
   network distributed supercomputing
   rising oil prices
   new ideas for saving forests
   - Zimbabwe violence, overheated oil prices  
   - conflict in Afghanistan, sudoku players in Aussie jury
   - drug-runner submersibles
   - companies subsidizing employee use of mass transit
   - Blu-Ray, who cares?
   - USB gadgets

* MAY 2008

   Yellowstone menace (series)
   waste and recycling infrastructure (series)
   Florida road trip again (series)
   math word problems a bad idea
   success of French TGV trains
   using online microcredit systems
   in-store advertising
   retreading tires for ore-hauler trucks
   printed microcircuit fabrication technology
   geothermal power from ordinary locations
   new defensive network for Manhattan
   quarreling over fatness
   solar variation versus climate change
   - Myanmar cyclone & China earthquake, Nuri al-Maliki
   - high oil prices, hundred-billion-dollar check
   - pepper-sized RFID chip
   - microchip product counterfeiting
   - Bum Bot bouncer
   - wider use of fingerprint ID systems
   - Lifestraw water purifier
   - power surges in turning fluorescent lamps on and off
   - restarting ANOTHER MONTH, Morton's demon

* APR 2008

   shipping & waste disposal infrastructure (series)
   Florida road trip again (series)
   technology & government survey (series)
   renewable energy in Germany
   hemispherectomies (removal of a brain hemisphere)
   city wi-fi sees some successes
   early electric bus fiasco
   squabble over unclaimed gift card money
   phone phreaking
   Aptera electric car
   Boeing loses KC-45 tanker deal to EADS Airbus
   no more cheap food
   genetic ethnic tracing
   global struggle against smoking
   - Zimbabwe chaos, outgoing Bush Administration, Princess Di inquest
   - Canadian Dextre arm for International Space Station
   - gun-fired GPS ID unit for high-speed chases
   - wireless mousetrap
   - high-speed flash memory
   - wheelie shoes

* MAR 2008

   shipping infrastructure (series)
   technology & government survey (series)
   Pacific coast road trip (series)
   augmented reality systems
   Arab unhappiness
   consciousness examined (sort of)
   toilets for the developing world
   a short history of the census
   ethanol versus water supplies
   electric drive for ships and planes
   online games to do work
   using terrorists to fight terrorism
   solar America plan
   - Venezuela versus Colombia, Iraq invasion 5th anniversary
   - Sarkozy & Bruni in UK, Spitzer scandal, dumb whales
   - cellphone femtocells
   - Sensium chip for body patches
   - digital photo frames
   - Intel Tukwila quad-core CPU
   - Wii for physical therapy  

* FEB 2008

   aviation infrastructure (series)
   Pacific coast & Florida road trips (series)
   the fall of the hunter-gatherers
   Nabaztag smart bunny
   Virgin's SpaceShipTwo commercial spacecraft
   smart TV systems in stores
   Lawrence Lessig
   crash-test dummies
   smart car electronic systems
   manned mission to an asteroid
   Toyota problems
   Blu-Ray wins the super-DVD wars
   - Castro retires, McCain nominated, Chavez gets sued and so does MSoft
   - parachute birdmen
   - BUG labs configurable system
   - Fentix Cube input device
   - marijuana vending machines
   - Japanese smart sheet for desktop power and communications hookup
   - flex electronic circuitry
   - LED lighting takes off

* JAN 2008

   aviation infrastructure (series)
   Florida road trip (series)
   relationships among the cat family
   materials harder than diamond
   potential nanotech health hazards
   US space exploration policy reconsidered
   huge extinct rodent
   free-space optical datalinks
   changes in car sales
   rivalry between the Bible & the Koran
   the disastrous eruption of Laki in 1783
   obtaining methane from depleted oil fields with bacteria
   the organizational & financial challenge of developing video games
   evolution of pygmies
   - US primaries, Kenya riots, Jerome Kerviel scandal, Voytek the war bear
   - Bic micro fuel cells
   - mass storage servers for the home
   - new GM transmission for hybrid trucks
   - shoplifting gangs
   - military green power
   - solar-powered light-emitting fabric

[*] 2007 INDEX

* DEC 2007

   103 illustrations for 2007 / 16 gvg
   bridge & tunnel infrastructure (series)
   Florida road trip (series)
   tracking one's life online
   alien life-forms on Earth
   Monsanto wins big with genetically modified crops
   no drugs being developed for kids
   Chinese product piracy revisited
   open-source insurgency
   the Earth after humankind
   Guantanamo being phased out
   mysterious natural stone circles
   weak bite of the sabretooth tiger
   pollution from livestock wastes
   steampunk laptop
   - Chavez loses referendum, Putin man of the year
   - US intelligence report lifts Iran
   - Indian judge calls gods into court, second year of blog
   - flash card with wireless interface
   - electric power plug congestion
   - testing company for mobile phones
   - RTGs for remote locations

* NOV 2007

   railroad, bridge & tunnel infrastructure (series)
   Florida road trip (series)
   Danone bacterial biotech for yogurt
   FBI DCSNet wiretap system
   danger moose
   geoweb technology
   USA red tape
   Chinese clone manufacture
   improved oil platforms
   warning schemes for nuclear depositories
   wind-based power networking
   India's railroads
   Chinese military buildup
   Alex the genius African grey parrot
   - added news summary, trouble in Pakistan, troop surge working maybe
   - Democrats running for office, Sarkozy gets tough with strikers
   - King of Spain tells Chavez to shut up, Aussi election pranks 
   - Dutch hybrid buses
   - military solar power satellites
   - ceramic / microwave light source

* OCT 2007

   railroad infrastructure (series)
   Florida road trip (series)
   Chinese corpse brides
   African micro-hydro
   astronaut attitude problems
   natural house construction
   new San Francisco Bay Bridge
   algorithms as business tools
   the law & electronic discovery
   Ethiopian commodities exchange
   RFID introduction delayed
   Boeing 787 Dreamliner
   third-world economic benefits of cellphones
   shady DNA analysis by mail
   Chick tracts
   - iridescent plastics
   - cellphones for kids
   - electronic RF sensor networks for conservation

* SEP 2007

   railroad infrastructure (series)
   California road trip (series)
   resurgence of dengue fever
   wind power in India
   medical potential of symbiotic bacteria
   personal rapid transport
   contention over North Pole's resources
   Virgin America review
   animal microtags
   KGB in charge of Russia
   cowbird protection racket
   name-analysis software for security
   tracing city population shifts through cellphones
   fuzzy memories
   Canon Powershot camera
   - standardized virtual online environments
   - low-light camera
   - TinWiki for the fringe

* AUG 2007

   railroad and road infrastructure (series)
   California road trip (series)
   home hybrid power-heating systems
   genetically modified mosquitos
   prenatal genetic testing controversy
   emissions trading controversy
   updating the Panama canal
   phone card ripoffs
   ICBMs for conventional strike
   personal supercomputing
   coin hoarding in India
   Alpine & Gibraltar tunnels
   user interface for XO computer
   forensic shoeprint analysis
   risks of being an archaeologist
   - using Wii with Second Life
   - recycled PCs for the developing world
   - McDonald's home delivery

* JUL 2007

   road infrastructure (series)
   Chinese social problems
   trees & global warming
   cybersafety rethought
   hemp for victory
   DNA analysis for conservation
   more on Second Life
   bogus statistical analysis in medicine
   money transfers for developing-world cellphone users
   carbon nanonets
   North Korean intranet
   vaccines against recreational drugs
   fuels from algae
   varmints in space
   - motion-sensitive cellphone games
   - reassembling shredded East German secret records 
   - military casualty evacuation robot

* JUN 2007

   communications infrastructure (series)
   voice input on the rise
   Estonian oil shale
   Swiss bomb shelters
   smarter radiation therapy against cancer
   Google bashing
   Frananglais in Cameroons
   reviving the 1918 flu
   counterfeiting holographic seals
   gift card scams revisited
   Moscow casinos
   indirect tests for drugs
   eyeglasses for poor countries
   - solar powered system to convert CO2 to O2 and CO
   - automotive box that tracks car payments and shuts down delinquents
   - fast rail for China

* MAY 2007

   communications infrastructure (series)
   XO security systems
   domain-tasting scams
   local money in Germany
   biofuel versus food
   mediation services
   cellulosic ethanol considered
   neglected tropical diseases
   surrogate reproduction
   recycling paper
   Marine space assault vehicles
   medical ID theft
   nonobviousness & patents
   ultracheap cars
   tort reform in US states
   - Jott service for transcribing cellphone messages 
   - Mexican digital education systems
   - Venezuelan police using drone blimps to fight crime
   - toroidal robot propulsion
   - microtech sensor based on diatom skeleton

* APR 2007

   power grid infrastructure (series)
   radiation therapy versus the war on terror
   indian tribes rising
   reliable replacement warhead
   cheap inhalers for administering drugs
   questionable food activism
   sudden infant death syndrome
   artificial sweeteners
   national driver's license format controversy
   machine translation techniques
   proxy servers versus censors
   geo-engineering against global warming
   fake priests in Japan
   Kennedy assassination
   - R2D2 mailboxes
   - RFID system for boating anchorages
   - LED toys

* MAR 2007

   power grid infrastructure (series)
   UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (series)
   short history of wheat (series)
   future cellphones
   RFID tagging luggage
   Chinese sweatshop practices
   Boeing versus Airbus
   ethanol in Latin America
   Bigelow commercial space station
   cheating with online scoring systems
   using the internet in Baghdad
   improved geothermal energy technology
   modular home construction
   art of bribery
   space pen myth
   - wind turbines between highway lanes
   - energy from trash for military forces in the field
   - web browsers with phishing scam alerts 

* FEB 2007

   power grid infrastructure (series)
   short history of wheat (series)
   gene chips (series)
   MySpace fakery
   Hillary for president
   ZUMWALT destroyer
   global warming lawsuits
   pythons in Florida
   automotive black boxes
   Iranian oil drought
   traffic roundabouts in Canada
   tracking spam
   21CN for the UK
   - iPod vending machines
   - reverse vending machines (recycling machines)
   - FreeAgent pocket USB disk drives
   - emulators and replicas for antique computers
   - bizarre warning labels, THE HIGH CRUSADE

* JAN 2007

   power plant infrastructure (series)
   medical infosystems (series)
   PC interfaces & networking (series)
   clean coal
   Randi challenge
   money cards
   green business bubble
   modifying intestinal flora
   future energy tech
   online jihadism
   Japanese balloon maker
   Bell Labs fumbled the microchip
   new Yaris
   Airborne quackery
   recycling airliners
   emerging economies
   - Japanese experimental wireless rechargers
   - flash-aided hard drives, quad-core CPUs 
   - Google solar power system
   - iron oxide panels to electrolze water
   - Kansas bans evolution

[*] 2006 INDEX

* DEC 2006

   126 illustrations for 2006 / 23 gvg
   power plant infrastructure (series)
   PC interfaces & networking (series)
   climate change survey (series)
   click fraud details
   North Korean nuclear dud
   power from trash
   high-tech concrete
   Second Life virtual environment
   cellphone malware
   hydraulic hybrid vehicles
   US population reaches 300 million
   LED lighting for developing countries
   Earth's shifty magnetic field
   industrial recycling
   - using viruses for nanofabrication
   - Universal Control System virtual environment for drone piloting
   - GamePark grow-your-own videogame system
   - digital graffiti
   - laser etching of eggs
   - skeletons of cartoon characters
   - fancy Japanese wave interference tank, laser mouse & other gadgets

* NOV 2006

   oil & gas infrastructure (series)
   climate change survey (series)
   another road trip (series)
   brain games
   Orion space capsule
   extended warranties
   store security systems
   ZigBee home networks
   H2S doomsday
   AIDS in the USA
   business investment in Africa
   fraud-spotting software
   green building certification
   cybercrime foot soldiers
   electronic textbooks
   six word stories
   - ball-mounted robot
   - snake robots
   - 4D flight planning system
   - wireless sensor network in the UK
   - Segway scooters
   - blog a year down the road, bogus scientific arguments

* OCT 2006

   oil & gas infrastructure (series)
   another road trip (series)
   fisheries quota system
   Sunni versus Shiite in Iraq
   100 MPG cars
   Africa@Home network
   the problem with NOCs
   deep oil wells
   Chinese ecopolis
   alternative computing for the developing world
   Russian building boom
   declining Russian population
   palm oil biodiesel
   falling oil prices
   optimistic Iran
   - fog-producing burglar alarm
   - Dutch superbus concept
   - microreformer to convert methanol to hydrogen for micro fuel cells
   - Internet Explorer 7
   - changing fonts & colors on website, recycling STAR TREK, 911 debunking

* SEP 2006

   farming infrastructure (series)
   Operation MUSKETEER (series)
   genetic toolkits (series)
   ISS progress
   defense contractors and Iraq
   ethanol considered 
   Athabasca tar sands
   crooks against car security systems 
   robot surgeons
   Freedom tower
   911 conspiracies
   smart buildings
   fighting AIDS
   London Ring Of Steel
   Moscow spammer
   GI blogs
   - ruggedized Hitachi disk drives
   - Babbage engine made from Lego
   - wireless USB
   - photo archive, vote-smart, ZOG

* AUG 2006

   food & farming infrastructure (series)
   a history of PET (series)
   enduring skyscrapers (series)
   potential return of bacteriophage therapy
   arctic seed repository
   Indian call centers
   corporate nurses
   747 fire tanker
   Pluto demoted
   sleazy adware companies
   inside-out surgery
   electronic ICUs
   war in Lebanon
   reformed Veteran's Administration
   intestinal bacteria
   web-based microfinancing
   greenery in China 
   - rotokites for wind power
   - termites help make cellulosic ethanol
   - using pedestrian traffic to generate energy
   - thermoelectric conversion systems for autos
   - superconducting power grid

* JUL 2006

   waterworks infrastructure (series)
   a history of the slide rule (series)
   another road trip (series)
   Texas wind power
   extreme weight measurement
   internet server farms
   smart space probes
   games on cellphones
   shrewd Hugo Chavez
   Russian Moon probes
   cellphones in Africa
   ID theft exaggerated
   air traffic control controversy
   SOP superchips
   Japanese assertiveness
   electricity-producing bacteria
   - cargo loader system for 747 large cargo carrier
   - Japanese phones with breathanalyzer
   - solar-electric generator for developing world
   - sudoku

* JUN 2006

   mining & waterworks infrastructure (series)
   another road trip (series)
   alternative fuels compared (series)
   Orbital Express space mission
   holographic solar concentrators
   combat armor
   changes in US War on Terror policies
   new digital camera features
   gas prices
   Chornobyl disaster at 20
   automotive thermophotovoltaic systems
   saving power in NYC
   medical cost-effectiveness
   death of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq
   self-powered sensors
   smart sensors
   synthetic diamonds
   changes in Saudi society
   voice-activated laptops for recuperating GIs
   - fun with C programming 

* MAY 2006

   mining infrastructure (series)
   alternative fuels compared (series)
   bringing tyrants to justice  (series)
   dot xxx domains
   intimidation cyberscams
   Three Gorges dam
   biology modeling language
   barcoding nature
   advertising & Tivo
   flash memory & flash environments
   bear mutts
   $100 laptop
   disease mongering
   American Airlines
   North Korean & Chinese authoritarianism
   San Francisco versus earthquakes
   pricetag for Iraq
   energy availability
   power from manure
   - built-in tire gauges
   - wings for skydivers
   - using zinc oxide nanowires to generate power
   - using titanium dioxide nanotubes to produce hydrogen from sunpower
   - physics modeling chips
   - my new car, fun with business cards

* APR 2006

   mining infrastructure (series)
   short history of life (series)
   welcome to 2006 (series)
   universal vaccines against flu
   cancer vaccines
   recycling PCs
   747 homestead
   Fibonacci poems
   COSMIC satellites
   Hofstader's paranoid style essay
   lawn GM
   green tags
   urban gaming
   mandarin & panda diplomacy
   implantable RFID  
   cosmic rays versus astronauts
   methane hydrates
   getting scammed by ISPs
   - concrete bridge with plastic reinforcements
   - self-powered backpack
   - gold nanoparticles to detect toxins and pathogens

* MAR 2006

   short history of life (series)
   welcome to 2006 (series)
   battle for global health (series)
   video placeshifting
   caller ID abuse
   solar concentrator blinds
   pet gene analysis
   Denmark governs with the web
   responsive space
   tidal & wave power
   vertical wind turbines
   consumer product standby power
   TAML synthetic catalysts
   gold as medicine
   web-based microfinancing
   secret Lockheed airship
   infrared imagers for cars
   regenerative automotive systems
   brain implants
   Russian consumerism
   Canadian butter wars
   - 802.11n wi-fi
   - Excalibur home game console
   - USB flash memory drives
   - dry urinals

* FEB 2006

   short history of life (series)
   battle for global health (series)
   renewable energy excitement (series)
   Coast to Coast AM
   New York organleggers
   virtual human models
   resurrecting the thylacine
   modern trains
   smart trash recycling
   breaking up ice jams
   navsat traffic monitoring
   near-field datacom
   lingering worries about prions
   medical lawsuits overblown
   robot military vehicles
   Russia versus NGOs
   hard and soft diplomacy against Iran
   - electronics for toddlers
   - unusual advertising venues
   - improved product coatings
   - quick kill system
   - Jim Gary scrap dinosaurs
   - robot rebellion
   - phishing scams
   - fake eBay page scam, misadventures with digital music

* JAN 2006

   short history of life (series)
   Dawkins' THE BLIND WATCHMAKER (series)
   digital broadcast TV arriving (series)
   Delgado's brain implants (series)
   The Movies machinima
   terrorist threat to chemical plants
   Chinese net censorship
   C.K. Prahalad's economic ideas
   backhoe threat to fiber-optic lines
   military blogs
   e-gold troubles
   junk patents
   US Army training grounds
   technology for old Japanese
   click fraud
   tsunami alert system
   ultra-tech Smartwrap house
   medical malpractice lawsuits
   political issues over vaccine production
   gift card scams
   fun and games with product rebates
   - virtual conferencing systems
   - space Learjet
   - Electroplankon digital environment
   - microdot ID systems
   - shatterproof Xmas ornaments, Xmas visit to DIA

[*] 2005 INDEX

* DEC 2005

   49 illustrations for 2005 / 2 gvg
   Dawkins' THE BLIND WATCHMAKER (series)
   smart sensor networks (series)
   a history of barbed wire (series)
   Arabs less keen on terrorism
   Iraq elections
   possible exaggeration of flu scare
   robot surgery
   oceanic oil rigs & nodding donkey pumps
   clean coal 
   a colder Europe
   shifting magnetic poles
   adjusting years with seconds
   terrorism as a business
   Iraq exit
   super container ships
   Detroit seeks energy-efficient cars
   Brazil's EMBRAER
   airliner defensive systems
   UN relief needs money
   businesslike NGOs
   estimates of oil peak
   - US military greenery
   - Kinkajou projector for developing world
   - education by podcast
   - checking for duplicate words

* NOV 2005

   Dawkins' THE BLIND WATCHMAKER (series)
   IGLOO WHITE program (series)
   black death (series)
   McCain blasts Bush II Administration
   return of aggressor squadrons
   Ahmadinejad blasts Israel
   Bill Buckley turns 80
   France & US get along
   Japan likes robots
   machinima videos
   airlines on the upswing
   terrorist finance tracking fiasco
   CIA extraordinary rendition
   antibiotic-resistant staph
   crossbar nanocomputing
   arranged marriages online
   Charity Navigator
   H5N1 flu precautions
   - Indian Ocean tsunami defense network
   - spam blogs
   - peanut butter for developing world
   - my own blog

* OCT 2005:

   Dawkins' THE BLIND WATCHMAKER (series)
   black death (series)
   resurgent volcanic caldera (series)
   global water supply (series) 
   1918 flu deciphered
   figuring out crowd crush
   banana horticulture
   battle of Palmdale 1956
   Afghan opium
   virtual machines against digital decay
   Japans rises
   Democrats be careful
   underground coal fires
   London Underground map
   Dick Feynman
   Bretz floods
   suburban wildlife problems

* SEP 2005:

   global water supply (series)
   Reagan war on terror (series)
   internet-scale operating system (series)
   Norden & Sperry bombsight (series)
   voice-IP catching on
   storms and global warming
   ghost town at Chernobyl
   product lifecycle management
   biofuels reviewed
   advanced wristwatches
   the rise of hybrid autos
   LeTourneau's overland train
   US Air Force space warriors
   hyper-precise measurement
   18th-century clockwork androids
   cranberry agriculture
   time spammer Robby Todino

* AUG 2005:

   Ronald Reagan's war on terror (series)
   global oil business (series)
   Curta mechanical pocket calculator (series)
   solar power potential
   computer games as advertising
   barcodes & cellphones
   malware for cellphones
   BAE Systems Wolfpack sensor network
   Tambora eruption of 1815
   intelligent clothing
   fish farming
   cellphones for the developing world
   classic farm windmills
   chemtrail conspiracy
   the internet of machines and products
   bogus ABMT cancer therapy
   jetliners with robot pilots
   Russian problems with radioactive materials
   rejection haiku